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    Hana the Chicken, the mascot of a motorcycle shop on the North Shore

    World’s Richest Man: $2 a Day is Survivable if You Have Chickens

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    The world’s richest man offers survival advice to humanity’s most impoverished.

    On Tuesday, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, whose net worth is said to be a whopping $79 billion and who daily earns an additional $20 million on interest alone, advised those living in extreme poverty to get a hen house.

    In a piece titled, "Why I Would Raise Chickens," the tech mogul doled out survival advice for economically disenfranchised people living off of the equivalent of $2 per day in countries where Microsoft profitably outsources much of their workforce.

    Gates suggested that he, too, could survive on $2 a day, and said that, if faced with the brutality of extreme poverty, he would find a way to survive harsh terrain, economic exploitation, endemic corruption, and a constant threat of murder by "empowering" himself and his destitute community to raise chickens.

    The man with the highest net worth in the world asserted that chickens are a good "investment" for the world’s poorest.

    In Africa, chickens cost an average of $5 apiece, but within months one hen could produce as many as 40 chicks, providing income to economically ravaged people. Eggs serve as a critical source of protein and nutrition and can help to keep starving families alive.

    The world’s most successful entrepreneur argues that chicken ownership can also pave the way for the social advancement of women "because chickens are small and typically stay close to home," allowing women to tend to a flock of hens while balancing their child-raising and domestic duties.

    One could be critical about the tone-deaf way in which the mega-billionaire offers to end centuries of geopolitical and economic oppression, but Gates doubles down, and wants all to know, "It sounds funny, but I mean it when I say that I am excited about chickens."

    Fortunately, along with his survival advice, comes a move by his Gates Foundation to provide 30% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa with hens and roosters, vaccinated to keep them disease free.


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    • Drain the swamp
      You gotta hand it to the man, he is putting his money where his mouth is.
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      adewallerin reply toAndrew J(Show commentHide comment)
      Andrew J, Quite there are the Rothschilds the Rockerfellers & Queenie for a start not to mention the lesser known beneficiaries of those invisible "trust" funds.

      Particularly quaint is Gate's wish to vaccinate even chickens.

      How about monopolist beneficiaries Bill & Belinda coughing up $compensation as to all of the victims of his unreliable overpriced software who have wasted hours of potentially productive time re-booting and re-installing following so called updates and windows 10.
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      Wow! I guess that those Africans were too stupid to breed chickens to drag themselves out of poverty until Bill Gates used his computer brain to figure it out for them?

      Or maybe this chicken business is just part of his tax scam to legally launder his wealth in a charitable trust. It's not just good marketing for his philantropic image, it also supports his influential friends, USAID, KFC and agribusiness company Cargill.

      The Gates Foundation has already given millions of dollars to support a project, along with Cargill, to promote the growing of soy beans in Africa. That soy is not meant for human consumption but for feeding chickens to be eaten by middle class Africans.

      With a caring sharing image and some powerful friends, Bill Gates doesn't have to worry about too many questions being asked about his tax affairs.
    • C Han
      well I do not know if breeding chicken will work for all: it takes quite a lot of time and some space to breed chicken: my grand dad breed them in the country.
      At least he is thinking of something and trying something and if he is providing vaccinated hen and chicken , then why not. Give him some credit and be positive... what have WE done for poor people lately?
      If he can help a few families, this is an achievement: he taught people to fish, while the western industries keeps giving food creating a source of revenues.
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      Chickens are not allowed in $2,000 slum apts in New York and San Francisco. They are only useful if they are fighting cocks for earning income in underground death matches.
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      A typical unconsidered piece of well-intentioned advice from an American as usual. If you believe passionately, you are right........ Why don't you give everyone a chicken to start with ?
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      If we flood Sub Sahara Africa with chickens won't the price of chickens drop proportionally with the increased supply. Is there a unfilled market for chicken meat and eggs? Do the people want to be chicken farmers? Won't the chicken feed attract rats to these villages? How much does a chicken coup cost? If you're illiterate how to you monitor chicken farming costs/profits? And if it's such a brilliant idea, why not build an egg co-operative that distributes wealth as opposed to handing out individual chickens? This hardly sounds like a business. Might as well sell-off the free chicken and pocket the profit.
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      This guy always been a FRAUD..
      To get the patents on windows..or w.e was the name then, he STOLE and copy from friends a students...To win the patents rights..

      Now this..

      At many seminars I been in Economy, THIS was not a chicken business.

      As many times I forgot the name, BUT I remember it was with World Bank. A small documentary like was made then. This was a decade or more ago!!!!
      In it the presenter was explaining the idea and actual job, of making business with an EGG..

      They even agreed , me myself too, that giving it to a woman was the best.. Usually men won't succeed. Why?
      Women get pregnant and men may walk off. But not the woman. She MUST stay and raise the kid, many times alone,
      That forces her , to seek ways to get cash. So give her an egg. Soon it be a chick. And sometime after , will multiply, making possible selling her all tools..
      Vaccination , eventually occulation of eggs , would cames after.

      This guy is RICH because of a blunder and stealing others stuff. He was NO genius. Not even created anything. Tell him to SHUT UP!!
    • Bodoin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      There is nothing more to say!
      I do fully agree with you!
    • avatar
      F....ing ass hole. Another Western Elitist that should be striped of his canivingly acquired wealth and given one chicken to soviver on.
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      Mr Darcy
      This is typical of these types. Reminds me of when--recently--Hillary Clinton wore a $12,000 Armani jacket to make a speech in New York about--get this--"income inequality."
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      Mr Darcy
      This is typical of these types. Reminds me of when--recently--Hillary Clinton wore a $12,000 Armani jacket to make a speech in New York about--get this--"income inequality."
    • avatar
      Notice how "vaccinations" are part of everything Gates pushes. I wonder why he excludes rabbits. Gates also ignores the fact that the corporate empires are what keep those people impoverished. He's a really bad guy.
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      jasin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, Yeah. Here's a bird to breed for food, but let me pump it full of antibiotics and steroids of Big Pharma first. *sarcasm*
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      jasin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, Yeah. The way he got all that he has wasn't exactly something learned in church. He manipulated politicians and got high-dollar exclusive contracts with governments to buy his software. He then forced computer manufacturers to pre-load only his OS and used every anti-competition trick he could think of. It's also my understanding that other people were part of his Windows creation effort and he got licenses behind their backs and then told them their own invention was owned by him and they could buy licenses to use it if they wanted.
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      Captain Pikein reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, Ya, don't eat anything Gates puts on the table , directly or indirectly.. he's a EUGENICIST.... daddy Gates ran planned parenthood..runs in the family
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      When I read this article, why do I hear this echo of words coming out of the past? Out of the history of France? Words that were spoken by the snobby and notorious French highly aristocratic, filthy-rich woman, an elegantly clothed, coiffed, and rich jewelry-enhanced woman -- Marie Antoinette -- when she was first told of the growing crowds of French commoners who had nothing eat, when told that they and their children were starving ... and dying. As I recall, Ms. A. is reported to have said with a sneer something that was strikingly similar to this phrase:

      "If they have no meat, let them eat chicken -- and eggs."

      Not exactly those words. Just something similar. Whatever. Ms. Antoinette, she and her husband, the King of France, ended up being carted off to a guillotine and literally losing their heads in the bloody French Revolution. Just as thousands of other filthy-rich, uncaring, French aristocrats who lacked foresight and the presence of mind to make sure their "lower classes" were ADEQUATELY cared for. Not just given a hen and a chicken ... and told they should wait for the eggs.

      A hen in a pot tastes better than a hen in a hutch. Or so I'm told.

      Мир !
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      Gates suggested that he, too, could survive on $2 a day,, if faced with the brutality of extreme poverty.........that too can be arranged
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      i.writerin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      I think you got it partly right. Gates got his start by writing absolutely excellent user manuals for two public domain software products-- Dartmouth [University] BASIC and COBOL. The first was written by a Dartmouth University professor and released into the public domain. The latter was written by a woman who was a U.S. Navy officer, and thus her software was legally in the public domain.

      Bill Gates didn't write his Microsoft user-manuals in "geek-speak" like the geeks of his time did. He wrote his user-manuals so that students and "commoners" would be able to understand and actually begin to use his "OPS" ("Other Peoples Software"). As a result, his two "Microsoft" ("MICRO-processor SOFT-ware" ) products were more popular than the same software sold by his colleagues and competitors. Writing excellent and highly useable user-manuals became a Microsoft hallmark. For many, many years a printed, well-written, understandable, user-manual was always included in, looked for, and a major part of any Bill Gates "Microsoft "product offering.

      Microsoft's initial offering of their "Windows" operating system with its Graphical User Interface [known at that time in the computer world as a "GUI"] operating system product was immediately attacked as being a rip-off copy of other very, very, similar-looking operating systems and user interface. [To learn more, Google "Microsoft and Xerox" to read about the minicomputer-user world and development of the now-common graphical user interface.]

      The question about the way Gates acquired an already up-and-running disk operating system ("DOS") for the Intel 8085 microprocessor from a colleague/competitor by having prior (and secret) knowledge that the giant International Business Machines ("IBM") corporation was designing a new "home and business" desktop computer and for which Gates had agreed with IBM to supply a DOS -- which he did not have but knew of the competitor who DID have one -- is well-known in computer history. Cheating his competitor/colleague in a contract of sale by withholding necessary knowledge did ultimately result in a court decision in favor of the competitor. That question and court decision can also be Googled if you want to know more about it.

      So to conclude, I think that while elements of your opinion comment are correct, and other elements of your opinion are not quite correct, to me the central point of what I think you are saying points to the fact that Gates is a businessman first, and has been hugely and inordinately successful at marketing other people's work and ideas.

      Мир !
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      No surprise. Gates is the poster boy for the Oligarchs attitude toward not only the poor but working people in general. This miserable excuse for a human being lobbied Congress to increase the Foreign Workers quota. Gates testified before Congress that the quota should be raised so he could import Indian Software Engineers at half the salary he would have to pay a US citizen. Gates is a real piece of work alright. I sincerely hope Gates and his family will have the privilege of living on $2 a day.
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