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    Are NATO’s Massive War Games on Russia’s Border a Pretext to World War III?

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    The West began another round of large-scale war games on Russia’s border with a larger drill planned for next month, leading many to wonder whether the US seeks nuclear holocaust on foreign soil, or if Washington is merely sneaking subsidies to defense contractors.

    On Friday, 13 NATO countries deployed 10,000 troops to participate in military drills in the Baltics along Russia’s Eastern border, in an effort concurrent with a separate round of war games in Poland amidst growing tensions between the United States and Russia.

    The latest round of American-led saber rattling comes ahead of an even more pronounced military exercise announced for July. The Anaconda war games will include 31,000 troops replete with tanks, aircraft, artillery units, and missile defense systems. Some have suggested Anaconda may be a prelude to a Western invasion of Russian territory.

    The Anaconda war games will take place in July along Poland’s border with Russia, and will see battalions of German troops in the country for the first time since the Nazis used Poland as a pathway to invade Russia during World War II.

    International analysts worry that the US military commentariat has once again been taken over by Cold War-era hawks looking to re-inflame tensions between East and West. In addition to military exercises along Russia’s border, Americans have introduced a missile defense system in Romania and have begun the construction of a separate system in Poland. Further, the Obama Administration approved a four-fold increase in defense spending to "protect" the Baltics from "Russian aggression."

    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has scoffed at American notions that the Baltics and Poland need to be protected from Moscow, saying the idea that Moscow would order an invasion of a NATO country is "the type of thing that only a crazy person thinks, and only when dreaming."

    Are Americans positioning themselves for a World War III, or are they using an irrational fear of Russia to justify subsidizing the country’s increasingly powerful military-industrial complex with taxpayer money?

    Loud & Clear’s Brian Becker sat down with international affairs analyst Mark Sleboda to discuss the latest round of war games on Russia’s doorstep, and whether it risks sparking a global conflict.

    What is the nature of the war games in the Baltic region?

    "These war games are a part of a series that NATO, in conjunction with their deterrent strategy and readiness action plan (RAP), uses to test out their new, vaunted spearhead force that military officials in NATO had determined is not actually ready for combat," said Sleboda.

    "The Baltic war games will be concurrent with military war games in Poland where there are another 1500 troops," said the analyst. "This is coming just two months before the beginning of July when the War Games Anaconda 2016 will be conducted – the largest war games that NATO has held since the end of the Cold War including over 31,000 troops including hundreds of tanks, aircraft, missile defense, and artillery units."

    The international security expert explained that the Baltic, Poland, and expanded Anaconda 2016 war games (also in Poland) will be conducted right on the border of Russia, which he calls, "an across the board, big saber rattling against Moscow."

    "This is extremely threatening to Russia," said Sleboda. "There is always the concern, regardless of how unlikely the scenario is, that war games have traditionally been used by great powers as a pretext to launch a full-scale military invasion and while the chances of that happening are infinitesimally small, the Russian military now has to take that potential into consideration at a time of heightened tensions."

    What is driving this series of War Games?

    According to Sleboda, domestic politics in the Baltic States and Poland play a substantial role in the latest round of aggressive chest-beating. 

    "Russophobia is a guaranteed vote getter that creates the enemy outside so the people forget the failures of their domestic government," he observed.

    "There is also the anti-Russian hysteria advanced by the military-industrial complex, especially the Rand Corporation scenarios of a Russian attack on the Baltics, that finds Russian forces could overrun the region in two days," said the analyst. "What they don’t explain is that NATO has spent 11 times the Russian defense budget and would quickly turn back any advance into the Baltics immediately."

    "The Russian leaders are not stupid or suicidal," pointed out Sleboda. "In the case of a conventional war between NATO and Russia in the Baltics, it would quickly go nuclear as Russia would be forced to defend itself, and Moscow has absolutely no interest in that."

    Sleboda believes that the renewed Western narrative of Russian aggression began as a means to justify a US-backed coup in Ukraine in 2014. He explained that the new regime, installed by Western interests, waged war on the eastern half of the country that refused to accept the regime change, and the United States rushed to "cast this in the light of Russian aggression."

    "It is not that Russia is responding to what NATO has done with their expansion into Ukraine by blatantly interfering to geopolitically flip the country and supporting a regime that unconstitutionally took power in violation of US and international law – it is quite a coup, actually," said Sleboda. "They have to defend this by casting Russia not as reacting to what happened, but rather as an aggressive imperialist power that must have designs on Poland and the Baltics."

    "Western politicians and military brass become victims of their own propaganda cycle where they start to feed into this created hysteria of Russia as an aggressor and it builds and builds in cycles and I think they begin to believe in their own propaganda."


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    • drjasonsmith
      Mark is too young to remember that is Trots like PSL Trotskyite Boss Becker who assisted Hitler in his assault on the Soviet Union in 1941. Of course, the fact that Becker is a CIA agent trying for legitimacy in the US Left using his PSL and now Sputnik cover is another matter altogether.
    • avatar
      Yes, NATO war games on Russia border is an invasion in the making.

      The strategy of the West is to isolate Russia,economically and military, in strengthening Western alliance in the Baltic states through a Military coalition.

      In attempting to isolate Russia, the West hope that it would only be a matter of time before Russia collapse economically.

      The hope of the West to attempt to collapse Russia economically, will give the West the green light to now launch an invasion into Russia.
    • avatar
      focustoday247in reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, The West know there cannot be a WW3 due to Nuclear arsenal.
      The strategy of the West is of long term. They want to isolate Russia military and economically,weakening Russia internally and externally.

      The second strategy is to invade Russia after the attempt to weaken them has succeeded.
    • avatar
      The world leaders, those who have the power to destroy the world, including themselves, in the blink of an eye, are out of their minds, if they have one. They do not think. They do not have a soul. I am fully convinced now. Which is the reason why Mr. Putin said today at Greece ""No one listens to us. No one want to hold talks with us." That says it all. He is absolutely correct. What we are witnessing is truly unbelievable.
    • avatar
      whole nations are foolishly allowing themselves to be taken hostage to NATO New World Order military... the time will come when they will no longer will have a say
    • flatzee
      I will definitely strike the US missile system in Romania and Poland!!! Enough is enough....
    • avatar
      Prelude to war? This is a war! The United States and it's NATO vassals are engaged in a war with the Russian Federation right now. Each side not being able to engage in actual combat due to the others nuclear deterrent in a game of cat and mouse, with Russia being the mouse. This whole scenario is designed by the US/NATO alliance to tame Russia who they perceive as a threat to the US/NATO grand plan for a world corporate government run strictly for the enrichment of the political and corporate elites. Russia is the fly in the ointment that insists on following a different drummer. Will Russia find a way out of the mouse hole or will Russia surrender it's sovereignty?
    • avatar
      the last line is telling; they believe in their own propaganda. Well of course, they wouldn't believe the perceived enemy's statements and they would believe any rational argument because it disagrees with their beliefs or worldview.
    • avatar
      armorin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, like you, I have also come to believe that they do not have a soul....then who are they....? ... They are possessed by the devil, Satan to be blunt. It can't be otherwise... We trust Russia, she will be helped in this great Mission, we keep calm, no panic, unexpected things will happen, from unexpected quarters, we keep our Faith in God Almighty, Christ-the King will rule on His earth. He will show Mercy & Justice. Oremus pro invicem.
    • avatar
      even the former US president Eisenhower have warned befor the us military industrial complex who push the world into the next world war.
    • avatar
      Yes the topic is right !!! but I am all so sure Russia / Putin knows this and will be ready to respond to the USA / NATO !
    • avatar
      maskazerin reply torasoj(Show commentHide comment)
      rasoj, I really hope that happens. And not the Medvedev team, for sure.
    • avatar
      maskazerin reply toflatzee(Show commentHide comment)
      flatzee, you know what I would do if I were Russia or China? Before getting involved in direct exchanges with those poor little guys or their bigger bullies you've mentioned, I would simply disrupt oil shipments from S.Arabia and Persian Gulf Caliphates that are indeed the head of the snake - energizing the current Neocon business adventure. US, and the rest of the Western leaders are just mere puppets who owe their salaries to the current scheme. Once the head of the snake feels that you understand what's going on it would tell its puppets to act accordingly. No need for nukes.
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply toarmor(Show commentHide comment)
      armor, thank you Sir. All right; you are so right, as you said in those few lines.
    • avatar
      Please stop this kind of articles. Instead: please live in harmony with each other.
    • avatar
      thegreateststorynevertold.tv, thank you for your excellent description. We often forget who is behind the so called Neocons. This is part of their long term strategy.
    • avatar
      jimbogoofballin reply tomaskazer(Show commentHide comment)
      I think after Putin era is over he will be replaced by a man who will fight back. Forget about getting a puppet in there. It just will not happen. The WE THE PEOPLE there the Russian citizens will never let that happen. IMO.
    • avatar
      jimbogoofballin reply tofocustoday247(Show commentHide comment)
      Dream on LOL. They will not "weaken" Russia. It would have happened already if that were even possible.
    • avatar
      maskazerin reply tojimbogoofball(Show commentHide comment)
      jimbogoofball, Happy to hear that, but hope it isn't just wishful thinking. Anglo-Zionists are working 24/7 to create internal troubles for sure. I am not a Russian, but I know that they have been working hard against Russia for well over 1000 years. They want a subservient client state with vast natural resources - including Siberia, which would be a big boost for their business.
    • avatar
      jimbogoofballin reply tomaskazer(Show commentHide comment)
      Absolutely right what you say. I too am not Russian unfortunately. I wish I could be. The Russians are going to have to do more to get these serpents out of the country and out of business. Failing that certainly internal troubles will continue. Putin has to just expel them starting with the usa embassy. And all other ngo slime out of the country or into prisons someplace in the middle of their dreamland Siberia. House them outside in the elements just like their fema program they want for usa. Hope somebody in Russia wakes up soon. Putin or somebody better get with it.
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