08:23 GMT29 November 2020
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    In a shocking incident caught on camera by a witness, 14 San Francisco police officers were seen arresting a homeless black man armed with crutches because he only has one leg.

    The incident took place on August 4, and was caught on camera by Chaédria LaBouvie, a reporter for Medium who happened to be passing by the Twitter HQ- ironically on her way to a meeting regarding a story she was working on about police brutality.

    Witnesses explained to her that the police had been called as the man was waving “sticks,” which turned out to be his crutches.

    “From my vantage point on the shore of 8th street, I could see the man reluctantly hand over his crutches. The man, it turned out, only had one leg; the other was a prosthetic. It is often twisted and backwards in the video,” LaBouvier noted.

    “An officer can be seen at the 5 second time-mark stomping on the man’s prosthetic leg. In further efforts to subdue a man already on the ground with four people on top of him, they stood on his leg, held it, and twisted it around even after they had cuffed him and pinned him to the piss-stained concrete.”

    She wrote that she watched as the man was held down for nearly a half hour, and often half naked as his clothes were shifted around, on one of the busiest streets in San Francisco.

    “What are you doing this for?” the man asks as he is pinned to the ground.

    “These are my crutches. I use these to walk,” he explains.

    Around 3:55, LaBouvie stated that the man was saying “they’re going to shoot me.”

    A witness replied, “They ain’t gonna shoot you man, that’s why we have these cameras out here.”


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