06:01 GMT04 April 2020
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    After fielding an array of insults from fellow 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump for weeks, Rick Perry has had enough - and the former Texas governor has decided the problem should be solved with a super macho pull-up contest.

    The former reality TV star, who is leading the polls for the Republican 2016 US presidential nomination, was asked last week whether Perry should be part of the GOP primary debate on August 6.  The event has been limited to 10 participants, even though there are 17 candidates.

    Trump responded by saying that the former Texas governor should not be allowed on the stage because he lacks the “energy,” “brain power” and “toughness” to run a successful presidential campaign.

    “I think that he's trying so hard,” Trump told the Daily Mail, “but it's not about trying.  It's about energy, it's about brainpower, it's about toughness.”

    The harsh words are likely due to the fact that Perry has been a tough critic of Trump — perhaps the harshest in the GOP.  Perry recently called Trump’s competition a “cancer on the conservative party,” criticised his racist views on immigration, and was very vocal with his condemnation of Trump’s comments about John McCain.

    “His whole life,” Trump said of Perry, “has been based around me for the last four weeks. And I'm so honored that his numbers have actually gone down!”

    The proud Texan and former Air Force captain isn’t backing down though.

    "Let's get a pull-up bar out there and let's see who can do the most pull-ups," Perry said to a cheering crowd on Wednesday.

    Probably a smart challenge on Perry’s part.  Lifting that big head and inflated ego over a bar might prove impossible for the Donald, but it could make for a superb reality TV special.


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