A picture taken in Moscow on May 6, 2016 shows the Ohotnyi Rjad Metro Station at the Historical Museum near the Kremlin.

Moscow Metro to Get More English Signs Ahead of FIFA World Cup - Mayor's Office

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Moscow metro maps and navigation signs will be available in English on another 34 metro stations in the Russian capital by the time the FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 14, the city mayor's office said.

"By the beginning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it [the navigation system] will have been updated on another 34 stations of the Koltsevaya line [the Circle line], inside it and on the stations located close to the Luzhniki and Spartak stadiums," First Deputy Head of the Moscow Metro for Strategic Development and Customer Service, Roman Latypov, was quoted as saying by the mayor's office official website.

Metro maps and navigation systems have already been updated on a total of 23 stations.

According to the website, navigation signs will be translated into English on all the stations by the end of 2018.

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Russia will host its first-ever FIFA World Cup from June 14 to July 15 at 12 arenas across 11 cities.

Moscow's 81,000-seat Luzhniki Stadium will host seven World Cup games, including the opening match and the final, while five more matches will be held at the 45,000-seat Spartak Stadium.



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