01:21 GMT24 June 2021
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    The MiG-31 is an all-weather long-range supersonic interceptor jet designed to destroy air targets at low, medium and high attitudes. Its upgraded MiG-31BM version is also able to carry various Russian air-to-ground projectiles, including the Kh-31 anti-radiation missile.

    Pilots on MiG-31BM supersonic fighter-interceptors have successfully accomplished air refuelling throughout training flights in the Chelyabinsk Region of Russia, according to a video published by the Russian Ministry of Defence on its YouTube channel. 

    "Only experienced pilots are allowed to perform such difficult flights. To maintain the required distance, pilots have to manually control engine power", the Ministry said.

    The video shows a MiG-31BM approaching a IL-78 tanker at a short distance of about 10 metres and then conducting the refuelling procedure at a speed of 500 km/h. 

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