21:38 GMT09 August 2020
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    The T-80 received the nickname "flying tank" for its ability to move fast and perform stunt jumps. According to the army, the vehicles showed outstanding results during military drills in Kamchatka in 2018.

    The press service for Russia's Eastern Military District announced on Tuesday that the Naval Infantry unit of the Pacific Fleet had received ten T-80BV tanks.
    The head of the press service's information department Nikolai Voskresensky noted that the battle machines had arrived in Vladivostok, where trained crews would start testing them.
    "The Naval Infantry Unit of the Pacific Fleet received ten T-80BV tanks in accordance with our coastal defence rearmament plan that envisages a model change-over", he said.

    Black Eagle tank (T-80) under the trademark Object 640 at the State unitary enterprise Omsk Plant of Transport Machinery (GUP OMSKTRANSMASH)
    © Sputnik / Konstantin Evgen'ev
    "Black Eagle" tank (T-80) under the trademark "Object 640" at the State unitary enterprise "Omsk Plant of Transport Machinery" (GUP OMSKTRANSMASH)

    T-80 is a third-generation main battle tank, designed in the Soviet Union. In total, there were about 5,500 units built. The T-80BVM modification features an upgraded gas turbine engine as well as a modern gunner sight and other systems.


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