12:47 GMT13 August 2020
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    The tank, developed in 1970s, can still impress with its maneuverability, speed and ability to jump from trampolines despite weighting over 40 tonnes.

    The US Army's 1st Cavalry Division’s 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team got a chance to test the famous Russian T-80 tank, dubbed the "flying tank" by some, taking the USSR-designed vehicle for a ride, according to a video tweeted by the brigade. They grasped this opportunity during a visit to the base of the South Korean 3rd Armored Brigade – the only Seoul regiment operating these Russian tanks.

    The country received them between 1995-2006, alongside BMP-3 armoured infantry vehicles, as partial repayment of a USSR state debt inherited by Russia. The T-80 tank remained unrivaled in terms of performance in South Korea, until Seoul started producing domestically-made K2 tanks.

    The T-80 received its 'flying tank' nickname for its ability to move fast, maneuver and perform stunt jumps from trampolines despite its 46-tonne weight. Another feature reportedly highly valued by Moscow was the tank's ability to be combat-ready in minutes even under temperatures well below minus 40 degrees Celsius.


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