17:19 GMT08 May 2021
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    On Monday, the military reported that Su-27 jets had intercepted US Air Force B-52 nuclear-capable strategic bombers approaching Russia's borders from both the Black and Baltic seas amid the ongoing NATO drills in the Baltic region.

    Russia's defence ministry has released footage from the cockpit of one of the Su-27 jets sent to intercept the would-be intruders following Monday's incident.

    The defence ministry said no violations of the border took place, and that the intercepts were carried out in strict accordance with international airspace norms.

    US and NATO flights along Russia's borders have increased dramatically since the 2014 Ukraine crisis. Last week, the Russian military's official newspaper reported that jets had been scrambled close to a dozen times to intercept foreign warplanes with various classifications. In 2018, air defence forces tracked around 3,000 foreign military aircraft, around a third of them consisting of spy planes and reconnaissance drones, as they tested Russia's border defences in the Baltic and Black seas, as well as around Russian military facilities in Syria.


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