13:35 GMT26 November 2020
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    The Chinese People’s Liberation Army-Navy reportedly has successfully tested its next-generation of a submarine-launched ballistic missile on 2 June.

    The Chinese navy launched a new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), the JL-3, in the Bohai Bay near the Shandong Peninsula at 4 hours 28 minutes in the morning on June 2, 2019, Defence blog reported.

    They also published a video, apparently shot by one of the fishermen who witnessed the launch.

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    The JL-3 third-generation solid-fuelled missile, which is used to equip China’s next-generation nuclear missile submarines, has an intercontinental range (up to 12-14 thousand km) and is capable of carrying up to ten independent warheads. The JL-3 SLBM is reportedly intended to arm the next-generation Type 096 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) class, the first of which is expected to enter service in the late 2020s.

    There was no conformation from the China's government on the test, however, according to the Defence Blog, Maritime Security Administration of Liaoning Province issued a navigation warning about the closing of the maritime zone for military exercises in the Bohai Bay area on June 2, 2019.


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