19:08 GMT26 January 2021
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    Last week, Army Space and Missile Command chief Lieutenant General James Dickinson said in congressional testimony that the US armed forces were planning five test programs on hypersonic weapons systems in the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific Ocean

    The United States is moving quickly to develop hypersonic weapons just as Russia and China are doing, US Strategic Command Commander Gen. John Hyten told reporters on the sidelines of a space forum in Colorado on Tuesday.

    "Russia and China are going really fast in hypersonics right now, we're going to move fast to make sure we can do that," Hyten said.

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    The official also noted that the US had no intention to use hypersonic weapons in its nuclear deterrence force.

    "Russia and China talk about hypersonics as part of their future strategic deterrent force, which means nuclear hypersonic capabilities," Hyten said. "We don't have any plan for using hypersonics in our nuclear deterrent force."

    The commander expressed hope that the US and Russia would get together on a New START Treaty. 

    "I desire… that the country [the United States] be in a New START treaty… with our adversaries, Russia in particular," Hyten said about the 2010 treaty which expires in 2021.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the 3M22 Zircon (NATO reporting name: SS-N-33) hypersonic missile, revealing that it can reach a stunning speed of nine Mach and strike targets both at sea and on the ground at a distance of up to 1,000 kilometres.



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