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    The USS Zumwalt-class destroyers use stealth technology to remain undetectable to enemy aviation and are currently one of the most modern US Navy vessels. Despite being loaded with top equipment, Zumwalt destroyers have encountered several technical issues during post-production trials.

    The USS Zumwalt stealth guided missile destroyer arrived at the port of Ketchikan, Alaska on 23 March after visiting a nearby naval facility under construction, the Pentagon announced. The destroyer is part of the US Navy's 3rd fleet, which is responsible for the northern and eastern areas of the Pacific, as well as part of the Arctic Ocean.

    A Pentagon representative declined to respond to a question whether the stealth destroyer will depart for the Arctic after its stay in Ketchikan, noting that the US Navy doesn't comment on future operations. The duration of the USS Zumwalt's stay at the Alaskan port also remains unknown.

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    The construction of USS Zumwalt-class ships began in 2009 with the intention to build over two dozen ships. The destroyer was designed to use stealth technology to reduce its detectability by enemy. Despite using advanced systems and equipment, both ships of the class have encountered numerous technical problems, especially at the stage of acceptance trials. Namely, the USS Michael Monsoor stealth destroyer encountered problems with one of its turbines during the trials and is now in need of having a $20 million engine replaced.


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