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    Sikorsky-Boeing #SB1 Defiant Completes First Flight

    WATCH SB-1 Defiant Makes First Flight as Part of Future US Aircraft Program

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    The video shows the Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant, which represents a new generation of helicopters, making its first test flight at a Sikorsky facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    The footage of the SB-1 hovering around the airfield appeared on the SB1 Defiant's official YouTube page over 15 months after the presentation of the Bell V-280 Valor's first flight. The first ground tests of the SB-1 rotor, which can perform quicker deliveries of troops and equipment on the battlefield, were held in February.

    Both machines have unique characteristics. Sikorsky's SB-1 contains an exceptional feature which differentiates it from conventional helicopters — a "pusher propulsor" propeller. The SB-1 generates lift and stability through the use of two main rotor sets rotating in opposite directions and a pusher propeller, generating a faster forward thrust, while most helicopters use the tail rotor to stabilize the flight and main rotor for lifting. The Bell V-280 Valor, in turn, has a tilt-rotor design similar to the V-22 Osprey.

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    The two competing aircraft were presented for the US Army's Future Vertical Lift-Medium program, which is aimed to replace iconic UH-60 Sikorsky Blackhawk and Apache helicopters. The winner of the program could become the vehicle to replace the helicopters not only in the US Army, but also in the US Navy, US Air Force, and US Coast Guard.


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