17:23 GMT19 October 2020
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    The Iraqi Ministry of Defense posted video footage of their forces and US allies conducting airstrikes against Daesh* terror group remnants.

    According to a statement posted in Arabic on the Iraqi Ministry of Defense website, the airstrikes "show the solid partnership between "Iraqi security forces and coalition forces, and also shows the determination of Iraqi forces to track down Daesh fighters in all areas of Iraq."

    "Coalition forces continue to support Iraqi forces in pursuing the remnants of terrorism," the statement reads. "Coalition forces have carried out aerial strikes against terror group members hidden in the mountains."

    In the meantime, Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) continue to attack remaining Daesh pockets east of the Euphrates river near the Iraqi border. Recently, the SDF managed to significantly reduce the grip of Daesh in the region by regaining control of an area south of the town of Hajin. The only remaining Daesh stronghold east of the Euphrates remains near the city of Baghuz, according to reports.

    Last week, a group of Daesh fighters fleeing the Baghuz area attempted to conduct an attack on portions of the Syrian Army near Deir ez-Zor. The offense began after the US-led military coalition in Syria conducted an airstrike on Syrian Armed Forces artillery, injuring two servicemen. Another group of eight Daesh terrorists attempted to conduct an infiltration operation near Palmyra, but were eliminated during a subsequent Syrian Army operation.

    *Daesh is a terror group outlawed in Russia and other countries.


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