01:53 GMT08 July 2020
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    The cutting edge laser system's characteristics still remain a top secret, despite it already having been deployed for military service. While some experts expect it to serve as an air-defence system, capable of downing both enemy jets and missiles, others suggest it could be used in electronic warfare, blinding sophisticated enemy systems.

    The Russian Defence Ministry has published a video, featuring the deployment process and combat preparations for the Russian combat laser system "Peresvet", which entered experimental combat service with the army on December 1. After undergoing a special briefing, soldiers, operating the "Peresvet", now practice the timely execution of all the cutting edge system's deployment stages.

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    Little is known about the laser system, first revealed during Russian President Vladimir Putin's address to the federal assembly on 1 March 2018. It is expected to be an air-defence system that can track and shoot down hostile aircraft and missiles. Some suggest it will be tasked with "blinding" sophisticated enemy systems, making them inoperable. The naming was chosen by Russian citizens via online voting.


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