02:08 GMT28 February 2021
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    COLORADO SPRINGS (Sputnik) - The States United has observed Russia and China operating hypersonic missiles, US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) commander Gen. John Hyten told reporters.

    "We observed Russia and China operating hypersonic missiles," Hyten said on Tuesday. "We have observed both Russia and China testing hypersonic capabilities."

    Earlier, Gen. John Hyten in his testimony before the US Senate Armed Services Committee admitted that there is nothing in the US arsenal that could stop Russia's new hypersonic weapons.

    According to local media, President Trump voiced concerns in a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin over his Russian counterpart's speech about creation and deployment of ultra-long cruise missiles and nuclear torpedoes capable of overpowering all US strategic defense systems.

    Gen. John Hyten also told reporters on Tuesday that the United States and Russia need more dialogue, including at the strategic level, military-to-military dialogue.

    "I will always advocate for more dialogue with our potential adversaries. I would like to have more dialogue on the strategic level with Russia and China both," Hyten said. "I continue to advocate for the State Department to have dialogues, I advocate for the administration, I advocate for mil-to-mil dialogues from our nation’s military leadership including myself."

    However, STRATCOM commander said that the United States will undoubtedly have to deploy defensive systems in space to counter the offensive systems that the country's adversaries are deploying.

    "There is no doubt in my mind that we will to have to deploy defensive counter space systems because our adversaries are building offensive counter space systems and we are going to have to defend ourselves, Hyten said on Tuesday.

    Hyten also said the United States "is going to have to make a decision on what we do in order to challenge somebody else’s space capabilities."


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