12:16 GMT28 January 2021
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    In 2014, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against the Kalashnikov concern and other Russian arms manufacturers.

    The US federal authorities have launched an investigation into the plant in Florida, which makes shotguns modeled after the iconic AK-47 assault rifle and is run by executives with ties to top allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reported.

    "The US attorney’s office in Miami is looking for a record associated with the request from Kalashnikov USA 2015 tax exemptions, state and local. Federal prosecutors are investigating the commercial activities of RWC (Russian Weapons Company) Group LLC, which owns the Kalashnikov USA plant in Pompano Beach,” the agency reported quoting a source close to the investigation.

    RWC Group says it has cut all ties to Russia and Kalashnikov Concern and is fully complian with  the US sanctions.

    When asked by Sputnik to clarify the situation, a representative from Russia’s storied Kalashnikov Concern said that the company was not doing business with either Kalashnikov USA or any other American company.

    “Since the sanctions were imposed, none of our shareholders or factory managers has been in any way associated with the foreign companies mentioned in the Bloomberg story,” the representative said.

    “The Concern is working fully in line with the laws of the Russian Federation,” he added.

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