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    USS S-28

    Missing WWII US Navy Submarine Discovered Off Hawaii (PHOTOS)

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    Last week, a wreck-hunting organization announced that its search team had discovered a sunken World War II submarine, USS S-28, in 8,700 feet of water off the Hawaiian island of Oahu on September 20.

    According to the organization, STEP Ventures, the submarine was lost with all 49 crew members during a naval training exercise on July 4, 1944, and is "considered to be one of the most important lost ships in the central Pacific." 

    "When the bombs fell on [Pearl Harbor on] December 7, [1941] she was being overhauled at Mare Island Naval Shipyard outside of San Francisco, California," the organization said on its website. "She was one of the several S-boats that were put into service in World War II and was initially sent to Alaska to defend the Aleutians against a possible Japanese invasion."

    STEP stands for "Search for Those on Eternal Patrol," a euphemism for sailors who died at sea, and consists of historians and explorers committed to uncovering more about maritime history. The expedition used autonomous underwater vehicles and a remotely operated vehicle to film the wrecked submarine. The organization plans to share the data it collected with the Navy to determine what caused the submarine to sink.

    Before the submarine sank, it made contact with a US Coast Guard ship, but the Naval History and Heritage Command website noted that "at no time during the approach or the ensuing sound search were distress signals from S-28 seen or heard, nor was any sound heard which indicated an explosion in S-28."

    The US military court of inquiry claims that the submarine lost control "from either a material casualty or an operating of personnel, or both, and that depth control was never regained."


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