12:37 GMT27 January 2020
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    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has failed to confirm the allegations of collusion between US President Donald Trump and Russia.

    The first part of the so-called "Russia dossier", sponsored by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, was first provided to the FBI in July 2016 with more information being gradually fed to the Bureau throughout the 2016-2017 presidential race. Although over a year has passed for the FBI and the Justice Department to analyze and investigate the document that features only 35 pages, a concrete conclusion is yet to be made. According to the Washington Examiner, the Department of Justice failed to reply to a subpoena issued by the House Intelligence Committee, which was concerned with the status of the FBI's efforts to validate the dossier. It is also reported that the Justice Department officials admitted their inability to confirm the allegations during face-to-face meetings.

    Radio Sputnik has attempted to get to the bottom of the issue by discussing the ongoing investigation with Doug Wead, the American political commentator and New York Times bestselling author, who also served as an adviser to two US presidents.

    Doug Wead: The whole process of the investigation is flawed.

    A good detective or an investigator will not rush to judgement, because he knows that once he makes his decision all the evidence will confirm it. So what we have here is the investigation that is reverse engineering, they are starting with the premise that these are the facts, now let's prove it.

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    If the president was anyone other than Trump, the nation would be outraged!

    It is not going to be easy for Robert Mueller to come out of this investigation without having ‘successes' for his future career. The media has raised expectation so high that if he does not find something… he will find something.

    Eventually the FBI should find something that is embarrassing and incriminating or the careers of some of these great people are over.

    Sputnik: So there is no evidence to back anything up, but the investigation is still ongoing, meaning that there is some sort of the alternative reason for keeping the investigation alive as opposed to what is legally possible?

    Doug Wead: Absolutely, it is driven by politics, there is no question about. The Justice department is not a separate branch of government…it is a part of the executive; the opposition party is not in charge of it.

    Sputnik: What does that then suggest? If we have the FBI, if we have the mass media, if we have a bunch of other different agencies and organizations working in unison for this one particular goal, just the demonization of Moscow. What's the purpose?

    Doug Wead: It is all about money! There are people in the republican and democrat establishment both that are making tremendous amounts of money off the system the way it is.

    Donald Trump publicly ran on the idea of taking on some of these special arrangements that the establishment benefits from.

    He did not immediately give a contract to Boeing after he was elected president.

    They had given two million to the Clinton Foundation, they had maxed out their donations to her, they expected a 10 billion contract to build the new Airforce One.

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    Stop and think about it! Ten billion dollars! That's the price of the brand new Gerald Ford aircraft carrier! That's how much money they wanted for a single airplane.

    There is a tremendous amount of money at stake. And the politicians that are benefiting from that flow of money don't want Donald Trump to turn over the tables.

    Sputnik: Ok, so we jump from the FBI and the media, we jump to cash and cash brings us to large multinational corporations. They would essentially suffer if all of this rhetoric would stop, if all of these scare tactics stop, if we are all just friends?

    Doug Wead: Some would and some would not.

    You have some companies that….say ‘if Donald Trump can pull this off and we can get back to free supply and demand and free enterprise, we will do quite well, we have a good product, we are tired of the cheating, we are tired of paying lawyers in Washington D.C. to get us some special deal.'


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