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    A T-90 tank shoots during a demo exercise at Alabino base. File photo

    Why Russia's T-90 Is the Tank of Choice for Iraq

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    The Russian T-90 tanks, which will be delivered to the Iraqi army, are capable of destroying any remote targets in the conditions of Iraq and Syria, Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky told Sputnik.

    Earlier this week, a Russian presidential aide on military and technical cooperation confirmed that Russia and Iraq have made a deal on the delivery of a "large batch" of modernized T-90MS main battle tanks.

    "[It is] a significant contract for a large batch. I cannot give the exact figure but the number [of tanks] is high," Vladimir Kozhin told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

    Earlier, Russia's Uralvagonzavod defense contractor said that the first shipment of 73 tanks is scheduled to be delivered this year. The T-90MS is the newest export version of the T-90AM tank which uses the same types of munition as the T-90. The munition includes fragmentation shells with a remote blasting which makes it possible to effectively destroy enemy personnel.

    T-90 tank
    © Sputnik / Dmitry Korobeinikov
    T-90 tank

    Speaking to Sputnik, Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky recalled that "the conditions of Iraq and Syria are desert and semi-desert areas and a long range of open spaces."

    "The T-90 is already successfully using guided missiles launched through the barrel; in this regard, a high-precision missile with a range of up to five kilometers can be described as a sort of [the T-90's] 'high-precision hand'," Murakhovsky said.

    "At present there are no targets on the battlefield that the Russian tanks [T-90] could not destroy. If the target is found, it will be obliterated," Murakhovsky added, referring to an enemy tank, vehicles used by terrorists and firing points.

    According to him, these tanks "meet the main requirements of military operations" which is why the T-90 is a tank of choice for the military of many countries. Murakhovsky touted the Russian T-90 tanks as "extremely reliable, highly protected and fool-proof vehicles."

    He was echoed by another Russian expert, Dmitry Litovkin, who in an interview with Sputnik described the T-90 as "the most modern Russian battle tank which is capable of destroying armored targets, including low-flying enemy helicopters."

    Litovkin specifically praised the T-90's powerful engine, maneuverability and mobility. In this regard, all Russian military hardware is initially adapted to operate in any extreme conditions, including a desert, tundra and swampy terrain, according to him.

    He said that the Iraqi military made a logical choice given that the Soviet-made tanks have previously been on service with the Iraqi army.

    Earlier, Russian military analyst Igor Korotchenko told Sputnik that the T-90 tanks have been actively used by the Syrian military and "performed greatly, even when they were attacked with advanced American-made anti-tank weapons."

    "The fact that a T-90 can survive several such shots, without injuring its crew, and still be operational was taken into consideration by the Iraqi side," Korotchenko added.


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