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    A laboratory helicopter based on the Mi-24K combat helicopter undergoes trials

    Speedy 'Crocodiles' and Top Gunships: The Future of Russian Helicopters

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    Russia's latest achievements in the construction of state-of-the art helicopters will be presented at the 10th HeliRussia exhibition, which is due to kick off in Moscow on May 25, according to the news network Zvezda.

    HeliRussia, the country's annual international helicopter industry exhibition, will open at Moscow's Crocus Expo center for the tenth time on May 25, the news network Zvezda reported.

    The exhibition is touted by experts as a venue to promote a spate of sophisticated Russian helicopters, including the Ka-62, Ka-226 and Mi-38.

    Speedy Helicopter

    Zvezda quoted sources as saying that during the exhibition, information pertaining to the development and tests of the advanced high-speed military helicopter will be available.

    Russian Mi-24 helicopters
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    Russian Mi-24 helicopters

    The new helicopter will be based on the Mi-24 platform but incorporate new technology; the new vehicle will fly at a speed of up to 500 kilometers per hour, according to Zvezda.

    Just for comparison, the sophisticated attack helicopter Ka-52 can only fly at about 320 kilometers per hour.

    Unofficially nicknamed "Crocodile", the dual-purpose Mi-24 is a gunship and troop transport helicopter with room for eight passengers.

    Resumption of Ka-62's Tests

    Earlier this week, Sergey Yemelyanov, director of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry's aviation industry department, told reporters that flight tests of the new Ka-62 multirole helicopter will be conducted before the end of this year.

    The development of the Ka-62, which made its maiden flight in April 2016, began in 1992. It was designed as a civilian model of the Ka-60 multipurpose military transport helicopter.

    The 6-ton Ka-62 is designed for cargo transportation, medevac and search and rescue operations, and can also be used in the oil and gas sector as well as for corporate purposes. The helicopter is capable of transporting up to 15 people.

    The Ka-62 is built with a single-rotor design and features a multi-blade anti-torque rotor in its vertical tail fin.

    It has a five-blade main rotor, enclosed tail rotor, secondary hydraulics circuit, heavy-duty wheeled landing gear, strengthened fuselage and mounting attachments for major components, as well as shock-absorbent seats for passengers and crew.

    Mi-38 and the Russian Defense Ministry

    Russian Helicopters, the manufacturer, said in September 2016 that a military modification of the Mil Mi-38 transport helicopter would be created by 2018.

    "The technical shape of the helicopter has been approved by the Defense Ministry and the holding's experts, and all work on additional equipment for the vehicle will be completed by 2018," Russian Helicopters said in a statement.

    The firm said that flight tests would determine the helicopter's adherence to the demands of the Russian Armed Forces. Russian Helicopters experts are currently working to increase the Mi-38's payload and maximum altitude.

    MI-38-2 helicopter at the 9th International HeliRussia helicopter industry exhibition 2016.
    © Sputnik / Anton Denisov
    MI-38-2 helicopter at the 9th International HeliRussia helicopter industry exhibition 2016.

    The upgraded version of the Mi-38 helicopter only looks like its precursor in terms of shape. The inside of the vehicle is an entirely new technological advancement.

    The cabin is fully glazed and instead of switch devices it has electronic monitors. The pilots call the cockpit a "computer" and mechanical equipment has been left behind altogether.

    Ansat Awaits Another Modernization

    The Ansat-U is a light training helicopter designed for the effective training of military pilots and special authority pilots.

    Right now, the Russian Defense Ministry has a total of 40 Ansat helicopters, Zvezda reported.

    Ansat multipurpose utility helicopters
    © Sputnik / Ilya Bogachev
    Ansat multipurpose utility helicopters

    Since its maiden flight back in 1999, Ansat has undergone several programs aimed at improving its basic design, reducing the weight and increasing the flight performance.

    Speaking to reporters earlier this week, Sergey Yemelyanov said that the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry allocated additional funds for Ansat's new modernization, during which the helicopter's engines and on-board systems are expected to be upgraded.

    "It should be noted that the Russian Armed Forces will benefit from the upcoming modernization of Ansat, which will turn the helicopter into a more reliable vehicle," Zvezda Russian military expert Vladimir Karnozov was quoted as saying.

    Ka-226: Focus on India

    In late April, Sergey Chemezov, head of Russia's Rostec corporation, said that Russia will supply India with 200 Ka-226 helicopters under a contract worth over one billion US dollars.

    "We have signed a contract with India for the joint production of Ka-226 helicopters. Forty helicopters will be ready for delivery, while [remaining] 160 will be built under license in India," Chemezov said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    The Ka-226 is a lightweight, twin-engine utility helicopter. The 3.6-ton vehicle features an interchangeable mission pod allowing the use of various payload configurations.

    Ka-226 helicopter
    © Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
    Ka-226 helicopter

    The joint venture agreement on Ka-226T helicopters was signed by Russia and India in October 2016.

    According to it, 200 helicopters are to be supplied to India within nine years, with 60 vehicles to be manufactured in Russia, and the other 140 in India. The agreement also stipulates that maintenance, operation, repair and technical assistance be provided for the helicopters.

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