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    Admiral Sergei Gorshkov Frigate

    Russian Navy to Receive 40 Vessels in 2017

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    The Russian Navy is going to receive 40 ships and vessels this year.

    ST. PETERSBURG (Sputnik) — The Russian Navy expects to receive 40 ships, boats, and vessels of various classes, Navy Commander-in-Chief Adm. Vladimir Korolev told reporters on Wednesday.

    "This year we plan to receive 40 ships and vessels, including the Adm. Gorshkov and the Adm. Makarov frigates, we also plan to receive small missile boats. And we will lay keel for several ships this year as well," Adm. Korolev said.

    In March, Korolev said that the keel-laying ceremonies planned for 2017 included the Knyaz Vladimiar, a Borei II-class ballistic missile submarine, the Ulyanovsk, the sixth and last vessel of the Yasen-M class submarines armed with naval mines, anti-ship missiles, and a range of torpedoes.

    First Patrol Icebreaker Ship for Russian Navy Laid Down in St. Petersburg

    Russia's first multirole patrol icebreaker Ivan Papanin, set to be delivered to the Russian Navy upon completion, was laid down in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, Korolev said.

    "Today we are celebrating an event that is important for the history of the Navy and for the military shipbuilding. Today is the birthday of the future ship that will protect our Arctic territories," Korolev said at the keel laying ceremony.

    Korolev noted that Ivan Papanin would be a multirole ship and could act as a combat patrol ship as well as an icebreaker to guide ships along the Northern Sea Route. According to the commander, the ship could also be used for research missions.

    Korolev added that another icebreaker, Nikolai Zubov, was expected to be laid down in the near future.

    The contract for the building of the two ships was signed in April 2016, with Ivan Papanin expected to be delivered to the Russian Navy after 2020.

    Ivan Papanin, expected to be 328 feet long and 65 feet wide, will be able to go through ice of about 5 feet of depth. The ship's average speed will be about 16 nautical miles per hour.

    The ship will be equipped with AK-176MA shipboard automatic artillery gun, a helicopter launch pad and a helicopter hangar, as well as two high speed Raptor motor boats.


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