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    Jobaria Defense System MCL Multiple Cradle 107/122mm Rocket Launcher at IDEX 2013

    Road Warrior: Watch UAE's 240-Rocket Launcher Firing Most Massive Salvo (VIDEO)

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    The UAE arms manufacturer Jobaria Defense Systems have developed a truly humongous multiple launch rocket system (MLSR) capable of firing over 200 rockets in a single salvo.

    The new weapon, the Jobaria Defense Systems Multiple Cradle Launcher (MCL) is essentially comprised of four 60-rocket launcher units mounted on a 5x5 trailer dragged by an Oshkosh M1070 heavy equipment transporter – a vehicle normally used to haul and evacuate battle tanks, armored personnel carriers and other heavy military hardware.

    According to Popular Mechanics, the MCL apparently uses TRB-122 122mm rockets produced by Rocketsan, a Turkish defense contractor, and can discharge its entire deadly payload in less than two minutes.

    The new weapon, however, has obvious drawbacks as its considerable size limits the vehicle’s mobility, not to mention that a wheeled semi-trailer like the MCL doesn’t appear to be well-suited for off-road movement.


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