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    Alaska National Guard Soldiers operate the ground-based midcourse defense portion of the Ballistic Missile Defense System at Fort Greely, Alaska

    US Missile Defense in Alaska 'Part of Nuclear Potential', Poses Threat - Putin

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that US military activity "poses a certain threat."

    The US  Army Corps of Engineers Europe District is managing the construction of a $134 million Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Complex in Deveselu, Romania
    © Flickr / US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District
    "The US, our neighbors in the Arctic, develop their military activity, which in our view is a threat for us [Russia]."

    Russia has the right to develop military activities of its territory, Putin said. "The areas where we [Russia] are developing our border military activity are the territory of Russia."

    He said that Russia's military activity is of local nature unlike US missile defense in Alaska.

    "While what we are doing is of local nature, what the US is doing in Alaska is of global nature. A missile defense system is being developed there. This system is one of the most serious problems of the modern times in the security sphere. It's not just a defense system, it's a part of the nuclear potential brought to the periphery," Putin said at the Arctic Forum.

    "This is not something that prevents a nuclear missile attack, but something that minimizes the so-called retaliatory strike," the Russian president stressed.

    He added that the US continues to develop its infrastructure and the latest technologies after unilaterally withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

    He explained that Russia's activity in the Arctic is aimed to ensure the security of navigation. "What we are doing on the islands and on the coast is of local nature, it's related to the restoration of infrastructure to ensure the safety of navigation in the region among other things."

    "We are creating infrastructure of double and triple-purpose. Our Ministry of Emergencies Situations will work there, as well as other our services which would work to prevent and minimize possible consequences of oil spill in this region."

    Putin emphasized that Russia doesn't in any way intend to be at war or compete with the US, which spends far more than any other state on defense.

    "We are not going to fight or compete there [in the Arctic] with the US. Everyone knows that the US spend on defense more than all other countries together."

    "However, Russia and the US are nuclear powers. We have a special responsibility to the planet, to the international community for the international security. Of course, the sooner we establish cooperation in the military sphere, the better."


    THe headline of this article was updated to reflect the correct statement by President Putin.


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