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    Two US-made F-16 fighters take off from the Chiayi air force base in southern Taiwan during a demonstration on January 26, 2016

    Beijing Lashes Out Against US Over Taiwan Weapons Deal

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    The Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman has called for the US to terminate its deal with Taiwan as a means for maintaining Sino-US relations.

    China’s opposition to any US-Taiwan weapons deal or upgrade package is a "consistent" and "clear-cut" position that Beijing has long held, spokeswoman Hua Chunying told the Japan Times. Assisting the defenses of Taiwan is recognized by the Chinese Foreign Ministry as an extremely delicate situation, and China hopes leaders in Washington "fully" understand the "serious harmfulness" imposed by selling weapons to Taiwan.

    Ending the deal is crucial for keeping the Taiwan Strait peaceful, Hua noted. The Taiwan Strait has played host to military exercises by the US Navy’s USS Carl Vinson as well as the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Liaoning aircraft carrier. 

    After President Barack Obama’s administration scuttled a $1 billion arms package to Taiwan in his final months in office, a move that shortly followed President Donald Trump giving audience to Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen over the phone, Taiwanese lawmakers praised Washington’s willingness to supply a more sophisticated weapons package under the Trump administration, the South China Morning Post reported. 

    "We welcome such a move, but it is more important for us to be able to decide our own weapons needs," parliamentarian Lu Yu-ling said. Huang Wei-che of the opposition party said Taiwan would be wise to approach Trump with caution due to his "mercenary character," the Post noted. 

    If recent trends suggest anything, don’t expect the US to back down from its role as one of the world’s most active and prolific supplier of sophisticated weaponry, including missiles, naval ships, and of course, the insanely expensive and therefore high revenue generating F-35s

    F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
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    In 2015, the US dominated the global weapons market, Sputnik reported, citing the Congressional Research Service. The value of all transfer agreements in 2015 added up to $79.9 billion, the report said, making the US’ $40.2 billion in sales represented market share 50.29%. 

    A recent report sent from the Taiwanese ministry of defense to parliament said that Taiwan would respond to invasions by “striking enemy troops at their home bases” and “fighting them at sea,” pointing out that Beijing has never excluded the possibility of entering armed conflict to reclaim Taiwan. 

    The weapons package is thought to consist of parts and equipment accelerating the modernization of Taiwan’s F-16s into F-16Vs as well as defense missiles. 


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      For all I heard , they HID in Taiwan after a western intervention in China went wrong. And U.S was FAST or too FAST to recon Taiwan as independent state. When China was recuperating from Japan invasion , and MANCHUKUO, that took Russia to a venture that got the Kuril Islands.
      Since then U.S been arming them and MUST attack China IF it attacks Taiwan.
      But now , roles are changing. China is becoming FAST the num one empire on earth.
      Is very fast growing in money , debt and problems as ALL no 1 economies.
      China will surpass U.S soon.
      The U.S STUPIDITY , have no equals. They went head long against Russia over Ukraine., EXTREMELY stupid.
      Now all China needs is to create an alliance with Russia , militarily. Before JAPAN tries to get the Kremlin attention further.
      BUT to China's good luck, JAPAN went PUSHING and RUSHING. You CANNOT do that with the BEAR. I don't care what JAPAN have or will have, Russia will obliterate it. And EVEN U.S will have to FLIP on it's commitments.
      Russia with a smaller force IS a military superpower. And can take on ANY nation on earth , one on one and win. I don't care what any propaganda says.
      Even NATO is trying to scare the BEAR. To get OFF Ukraine and Crimea.
      BUT things are not going so well. Bring Lasers, the Bear finds something. Bring a new NUKE , BEWARE of some tech left somewhere in the 60's.
      So No.. U.S is doing wrong . It's like selling weapons to Florida or California to defend from Washington. How that sounds? And THIS is precisely why many countries HATE U.S

      About the sales, let's say, regime changes have it's PERKS.
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      K.Tin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, hmm well then china should also stop selling nukes and weapons to Pakistan which is illegally holding Kashmir which is an Indian territory.
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