23:07 GMT +324 March 2017
    U.S. President Donald Trump and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel watch as reporters enter the room before their meeting in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 17, 2017

    Money Comes First: Trump Claims 'Germany Owes Vast Sums' to NATO, US for Defense

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    Yes, Donald Trump had a "GREAT" meeting with Angela Merkel but Berlin still owes vast sums of money for protection.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Germany owes "vast sums of money" to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States for defending the country, US President Donald Trump said Saturday.

    During the meeting, Trump reaffirmed his support to NATO and the need for the members of the Alliance to "pay their fair share for the cost of defense."

    The target of spending two percent of the GDP mandated by NATO was adopted at its September 2014 Summit in Wales, with only five countries, including the United States, meeting the required standard, according to NATO figures.


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      He's right because he is not a Socialist. But Obama and Merkel considered it an even trade for the US to get Merkel's cooperation with the global conspiracy to dominate the world with one powerful and Marxist, and violent government. But Trump doesn't want any of that, so he's wondering what Merkel has done for the US other than criticize conservatives.
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      The Germans have become so weak...sad.
    • FeEisi
      Oh and they owe the US for the marshall plan too? /s

      Trump has been demanding money from Mexico and now Germany. An old tweet also shows Trump demanding money from the Saudis. The funny part is Trump has filed for bankruptcy some 4 times.
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      Look at the expression on Merkel's face throughout these meetings. She is dumbfounded by these words and actions. She may be going back home to do something parallel to what Hitler did after being pressured to pay war remunerations by the west. Isolation from the usa and isolation from Britain, by way of Brexit. Isolation from the two top war-mongering countries in the world. Germany may no longer be an american war donkey. At last, the world may be a bit more peaceful!
    • Hagbard Celine
      Thank you Mr. Trump of reminding the german Government of one of its core obligations to its citizens that has not been met in a very long time. The more money Germany spends on defense , infrastructure, education and alike, the less it can spend on ludicrous socialist projects like the unregulated migration of millions of people a year into a tiny country like Germany.
    • Rick Sanchez
      Just call his bluff! Think the US will pull out of NATO and Europe if they don't get paid?
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      USA own money to Germany for accommodating americans soldiers, by feeding them and providing free accommodation, free transportation for their weapons and military bases american's using for wars all round the world. If I will me Markel I will leave NATO and kick out american's from Germany
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      Interesting that NATO, a cause celebre, was created so that countries like Germany would not raise up another leader to save it from itself. Now they won't even pay for that privilege. Forsooth and forsaith,
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      Doesn't Merkel have a wardrobe consultant that suggests what she wears when she goes outside? Why does she always dress up like an expensive sack of potatoes? I can see now, for example, why she would feel so uncomfortable sitting next to the beautiful and talented looking Ivanaka.
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      Conan_Moronin reply toTGG3(Show commentHide comment)
      TGG3, No they are more interested in exporting their BMW Mercedes, Audis, VW ect etc..... the USA has a export deficit with Germany! There has to be some horse trading soon!. Let us sell our Fords, Chevs and GM in Germany or we pull out of NATO!
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      Please take note of the quote "NATO and the US for defending the country". From WHAT??? Since the end of the cold war and removal of the Berlin wall, when has there ever been a actual threat to Germany OR even the whole of Europe. The spineless Merkel and EU fascists used NATO for there own agendas especially with the two previous US governments. Its well known about how both NATO AND US have been heavily involved with there Black Opps and false flag events to kick there agendas further down the road. The Ukrainian Euromaiden debacle and farce a perfect example of NATO manipulation, and Merkel/EU up to there necks involved with it along with Obastard! Also to mention all the false flag events that happened while on Obastards watch! Since Trumps leadership many US officials have stated that they should withdraw most of there bases out of Europe. If that was to happen it would add quickly add to the demise of the EU parasites in Brussels. Something that cannot come quick enough!!!
    • dee_snutz
      Do you think she wears her hair that way to hide her horns?
    • avatar
      first, I think that it would be a good idea for trump to stop using the artificial tanning creams or booths. Very unnatural looking. Second, the concept of demanding remuneration from others, for actions that one has initiated in the past is simply ludicrous. If this is an example of american thinking, then the country is in deep ....
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      The EU should start cleaning lots "Backyard" of all the Military/Spying installations to defend against the European Civilians and a Ghostly Treath, called Russia. Shake yourself from these Flease while the topic is HOT with Trump, before it is too late to take any sensible step.
    • support
      Not another US taxpayer dime for German defence. Not another US soldier or airman on German soil again, ever. If they want a defence system, Germany needs to pay for it themselves and staff it exclusively with Germans.

      But wait! There's more!

      As far as I am concerned Germany is more of a threat to the security and well-being of the West than Russia, China and Daesh combined. Half of Daesh now are in Germany owing to Murkle's munificence and stupidity and now are arming themselves with locally-available weaponry.

      If Germany tries on starting another world war let it be settled as WW 2 was meant to be settled originally until FDR's death: an A-bomb for Berlin and an A-bomb for Munich.

      If President Trump wants to play hardball he can simply exercise eminent domain in lieu of debt payment by Germany through seizing German state-owned US Section 8 housing presently owned in proxy by the three Fugger banking houses and firms like Allianz. Germany's socialism is paid for in large part by section 8 housing rental revenues in the USA. That should end anyway. It is a crime that this is the case given also that so many of those housing projects are unliveable hellholes precisely becuase they are owned by an unreachable socialist foreign real estate holding company.
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