20:54 GMT +324 March 2017
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised a ballistic rocket launching drill of Hwasong artillery units of the Strategic Force of the KPA on the spot in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang March 7, 2017

    North Korea May Be Close to Targeting US With Nuclear Missile

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    North Korea’s advancing nuclear and missile programs have some analysts worried that the reclusive state may pose a real threat to the rest of the world very soon.

    Amid speculations about North Korea attacking the US, analysts expect the state to soon launch its most powerful nuclear test to date.

    Based on recently released satellite images of substantial tunnel excavation at the North's nuclear test site in North Hamgyong Province, analyst Frank Pabian of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and David Coblentz, an environmental science expert at LANL, have concluded that the regime may be preparing an explosion 14 times more powerful than the one it conducted in September.

    "The continued tunneling under Mt. Mantap via the North Portal has the potential for allowing North Korea to support additional underground nuclear tests of significantly higher explosive yields, perhaps up to 282 kilotons (282000 tons)," South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported, referring to the analysts.

    The September 9 detonation by North Korea is estimated to have been a 15,000-20,000 ton yield.

    The news comes just a day after Bruce Klingner, a former CIA deputy division chief for Korea, made an alarming statement about Pyongyang being close to developing a ballistic missile that could strike the US.

    "We can expect an [intercontinental ballistic missile] test this year, with full capability within the next few years," he told Fox News on Friday.

    During his annual address earlier this year, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the country was in the final stages of test-launching an intercontinental ballistic rocket, but most experts believe the announcement was meant to intimidate, and that Pyongyang doesn't actually have that ability. But the North has been making statements like these for years, and for years they seem to have been incrementally improving their capabilities.

    Defense experts also warn that North Korea and other rogue states pose unique challenges to the space environment as they don't have anything at stake in the global economy and therefore no incentives to remain peaceful in orbit.

    Last year, North Korea carried out two nuclear tests and more than two dozen test launches of ballistic missile technology. Previously, the United Nations imposed sanctions on North Korea for three nuclear tests it carried out in 2006, 2009 and 2013.

    The UN Security Council has adopted a number of resolutions imposing restrictions on North Korea in order to make Pyongyang halt its nuclear and missile activities.    


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    • avatar
      What is a rogue state, one that doesn't lick the boots of NATO countries and NATO allies. Those "rogue" states?
    • Traytor
      DPRK is one of the few rational states left on this planet, the rest loves NATO and the USA
    • peaceful
      Who are those "Defense experts" who "also warn that North Korea and other rogue states", obviously the USA, "pose unique challenges...."?
    • Drain the swamp
      When a great satan is moving its aircraft carriers, with nuke cruise missiles, up and down your doorstep every couple of months, you have to be ready. But Sputnik has been infiltrated by the same devils using words like "threat to the rest of the world" - the ONLY threat is to the devils camping on its doorstep.
    • siberianhusky
      One rogue state calling the other a rogue state. I could not be funnier if it wasn't such a sad state of affairs in both countries.
      Going around the world and indiscriminately using drones to kill people and then telling other countries that they are a rogue state.
    • Kim Kyu-Un
      "North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the country was in the final stages of test-launching an intercontinental ballistic rocket,"
      The best cities for Kim Jong Un to target are Seattle, San Francisco, & Los Angeles.
      Taking out Seattle will get Microsoft. Taking out San Francisco will get Google, and also nail all the fags there. Then, getting Los Angeles will put an end to anti-Trump anti-Russian Hollywood celebrities. This will make Kim Jong Un an international hero, and also eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize even more so than Obama was.
    • siberianhuskyin reply toKim Kyu-Un(Show commentHide comment)
      Kim Kyu-Un,
      Don't worry the Nobel comity soon will posthumously give the peace medal to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Tojo
    • Kim Kyu-Un
      "Defense experts also warn that North Korea and other rogue states pose unique challenges to the space environment as they don't have anything at stake in the global economy and therefore no incentives to remain peaceful in orbit."
      Shooting down satellites over the equator in geosynchronous orbit will send the TV broadcasting world back to the pre-1960's stone age of international cables.
    • avatar
      like so many other countries?
    • avatar
      Lier, korean north would never hit anyone unless they are hit first.
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