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    Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Maryland (SSBN 738) transits the Saint Marys River

    US Completes Series of Four Trident II Submarine-Launched Missile Tests

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    An Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine has completed a series of four Trident II D5 missile tests, the US Navy said in a press release on Thursday.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The release state that the Trident II D5 missile is part of the United States’ strategic nuclear deterrent program, which provides US forces with assured second-strike capability.

    "An Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine assigned to Submarine Group 9 completed a Follow-on Commander’s Evaluation Test (FCET) Feb[ruary] 16, resulting in four successful test flights of Trident II D5 missiles," the release stated on Thursday.

    This week Lockheed Martin received two contracts that stipulate production and support od Trident II (D5) missiles.

    Trident is a nuclear missile system used by the UK and the US navies since the 1990s. In the UK the system has been criticized over its cost. The total estimated cost is 167 billion pounds ($244 billion) over the 32-year lifespan of the system, between 2028 and 2060, according to the International Monetary Fund. Conservative supporters of the Trident renewal point out that over 30,000 jobs are dependent on the Trident fleet.

    The missile is currently deployed by the United Kingdom on its Vanguard class submarines. It is also deployed on the US Navy's Ohio and newer Columbia class nuclear missile submarines.

    Since 1989, the Trident II missile has completed 165 successful test flights, the release noted.


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      Seriously this cash could had been used to fix the actual military., U.S should THINK about 4 carrier groups , ONLY.
      this will FREE cash, the debt may go down, and the military will be able to prep itself like is supposed. there is NO country with such BIG NAVY.
      I mean so many carriers.
      YET this will mean Russia one day will have 12 carrier groups? I think is way MORE dynamic to keep 4.
      Unless the budget is like the U.S 50's . Is NOT as good and of course, the infrastructure is too expensive.
      What TRUMP is BRAVING today, will last ONLY so far. AFTER it will be too expensive to MAKE IN U.S.
      It already is, BUT for expensive countries like U.S, E.U and a few others, it would work. But how long?
      it will be tough.
      but at least TRUMP have a POINT. ALL should be cheaper.

      About been the MOST powerful on earth? I doubt that pretty much. Good try.
      Remember the 300 story? You never know. Or the RUS in Russia against Mongol hordes sometime after the KIEVAN RUS ending. 30,000 RUS eliminated about 250,000 MONGOL HORDES.
      Or Europe NAZI?
      A GERMAN high rank, forgot his name, said, that Russia fell within the last 14 days of battle. And celebrated the VICTORY.
      A few years after it was RUSSIA that placed the HAMMER and SICKLE on BERLIN.

      And about RAPES, Germany and Europe did the same in Russia. And burned all to the ground. hung people and killed them , worst than a butcher shop.
      They even took the daughter of a Russian officer and raped her on top of the kitchen table and FORCED the parents to watch.
      THIS same officer a few years after, drove TROOPS inside BERLIN>
      What would had you done, after this done to you, and anyone say, they RAPING civilians and RAZING houses and building?
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