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    Ladd Reef, Spratly Islands, South China Sea

    Beijing Warns US Against Planned Maritime Patrols in South China Sea

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    On Wednesday China responded to rumblings about the US planning fresh naval patrols in the South China Sea by warning Washington not to impose on their sovereignty.

    The Navy Times reported on Sunday that officials with the Pacific Command and US Navy were considering having the Carl Vinson carrier strike group, based in San Diego, conduct freedom of navigation patrols in the waterway. 

    Geng Shuang, spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, said that tensions in the disputed area had eased due to cooperation between Beijing and countries in Southeast Asia, and the presence of foreign nations could threaten this.

    Geng told a news briefing, "We urge the U.S. not to take any actions that challenge China's sovereignty and security."

    October 2016 was the last time a US vessel conducted a freedom of navigation patrol in waters claimed by Beijing when the USS Decatur, a guided-missile destroyer, sailed near the Parcel Islands.

    China denounced the operation as "illegal" and "provocative." The last three of these movement have all come within 12 miles of areas claimed by Beijing. 

    "The Carl Vinson Strike Group is on a regularly scheduled Western Pacific deployment as part of the US Pacific Fleet-led initiative to extend the command and control functions of the US 3rd Fleet," said Dave Bennett, Carrier Strike Group One spokesman.

    He added that  "US Navy aircraft carrier strike groups have patrolled the Indo-Asia-Pacific regularly and routinely for more than 70 years."

    Washington has criticized China installing anti-missile and anti-aircraft weapons on some of it’s man-made islands in the region, with the The Center for Strategic and International Studies releasing a report in December 2016 suggesting that "Among other things, (the armaments) would be the last line of defense against cruise missiles launched by the United States or others against these soon-to-be-operational air bases." 

    In January US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the US would try to stop China from accessing those islands, but Bonnie Glaser of the CSIS recently told Navy Times, "I doubt it it's possible to compel China to withdraw from its newly built islands in the Spratlys. But the U.S. could develop a strategy aimed at preventing more land reclamation, capping militarization and deterring China from using its new outposts to intimidate and coerce its neighbors." 

    China’s Defense Ministry has  defended the weapons as "legitimate and lawful."

    About $5 trillion in trade passes through the South China Sea each year, with China laying claim to most of the area. Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei and Malaysia have claims as well. 

    In July 2016 the Hague ruled that China had no legal right to claim such a large portion of the South China Sea. Beijing balked at the decision, calling it "null and void” and a "farce."

    Chinese President Xi Jinping boycotted the proceedings, saying at the time that "China will never accept any claim or action based on those awards."


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      yes, I can just picture the headlines now, when one of the usn's ships, runs aground on one of the reefs. :)
    • American Socialist
      go home Yanks!
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      Ok right now we have a Russian ship loitering near a sub base are we threatening them???? No they are in public water atleast for now moving closer to our 12 mile line. But no intervention or worries. What if we claimed both oceans as US Territorial waters ? I mean China went to court at UN and was laughed out for claiming a large sea. He stated we have been their over 70 years!!! Yes kicking Japan out of everyone's countries China remember we helped you even putting marines in to protect your cities from USSR as they declared war on Japan the day we dropped the second bomb.Our forces protected your nation from others although you did a lot to but who recognized you as suffering and holding back some Japanese advances. Russian was going to invade Japan too but didn't have the equipment to put people in any amount inside Japan. The Japs surrender in a few days as we fire bombed their cities at night one city one night 100,000 killed. But Japan lost Korea and Russia was already to go claim land .When the UN formed the US was going to sign on first but realized your sacrifices and over others saying no we had you sign on as first to join for the UN. We helped knock the Japanese off all the islands and nations not allowing more to occupy you. Then helped the best we could protecting your land for the Chinese people .In about 5 years you forgot who helped you expecting nothing back but friendship. Then after NK over ran SK we went to help SK finally chasing the NK to the Chinese border basically winning. But then the Red China army had 1.4 million rush over the border to attack those who helped not long ago.After being pushed back we pushes you past the old border. During talks you wanted the old border back but we said no. NK was a little smaller after the war and claimed they won yet just a stop in fighting. You were ran into China, NK if not for China and Russia supporting you you would have lost. 300 Russians were killed mostly pilots some advisors but China, US,Russia decided it was enough fighting as it would have been very costly for all sides and signed an agreement. But you killed lots of Americans almost got your country bombed but we only blew up you airfields and harassed pilots by coming down on top shutting down any plane from flying. That would be funny seeing the plane run out runway as the evil Americans shut down the bases for fun. Hey it wasn't out of hate just very funny. But now you threaten our people for being in international public waters you claim as yours because of oil in the sea. Maybe because you know the Indian Ocean and Pacific would be shutdown to all trade and we would kick you out of our gulf as you steal US oil off our shores. But want a war and feel big hell we might rearm Japan slap them around to toughen them up and go tell them the Japanese Empire has returned. Or sink a ship or launch a missile at us we aren't afraid like the Philippines were. Hell nuclear war with you is winnable so build build build as we will spank you like a bully school child. We will go into any public waters we want don't like shut that mouth and do something or just get over your fear of us as we aren't wanting to do anything but cruise public waters. Like the Russian ship off our coast we don't threaten them or do do runs at their ship. They are spying but they are in public waters do you see us scared or threatening this ship? No its their right to be in public water we have no eight to confront them unless they cause and problems. Modernize your mind and understand if some gold dragon gave China the whole sea 500yrs. ago we just can't understand that ,do yoiu still have this dragon who grants seas???
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      cast235in reply toCrowbar(Show commentHide comment)

      You know NOTHING of USSR and the war on JAPAN. I suggest read the secret treaty in YALTA, In Crimea. U.S asked STALIN, to eliminate JAPAN threat. In return, USSR Russia was to get the KURIL islands, that JAPAN took from Russia with aid of France, U.K, Germany , U.S.
      Russia lacked what? You ill informed.
      Russia appeared in far east at the period after it capitulated in BERLIN. Measure the distance between Manchuria and Berlin, in those days it was a low process, that was don very fast, if one consider the era logistics and the massive amount of logistics needed.
      STALIN was fooled into let U.S handle the peace treaty in Europe, which it used to take over all Europe. And then declared using propaganda and Photos that it was U.S that defeated, NAZI EUROPE. NOT GERMANY as propaganda goes.
      Russia attacked Manchukuo , in Manchuria, China put what it could.
      Then kicked JAPAN out of Sakhalin Island, and KURIL Islands. After this, JAPAN was forced to surrender. ALL the JAPAN industries were at MANCHUKUO.
      With all destroyed and no more factories and man power hidden, JAPAN was forced to surrender. AGAIN STALIN let U.S handle the signatures, opportunity used to claim VICTORY over the Pacific. And BIG propaganda with Mac Arthur,
      So learn your history sir.
      It was ALL Russia. NOT U.S.
      IF RUSSIA wanted JAPAN it would had just grab it. BUT Stalin had a deal. That U.S when changing presidents tried to derail, claiming Stalin mis understood.
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      No problem, if we American could not meet head to head and fully whipe out the Talibans, our government should not be too proud to call for about with an near equal opponent such as the Russia and China. I am an American, my In-law is a Chinese. Can we sit down and talk? Knowing that if there is a war, one side will fight to destroy while the other will fight protect. In such war, no winner but there will be a destroyer. But if one side fight hard to prevent making a destroyer, wwIIII will be an ugly one.
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      Sputnik staff check the paragraph in bold:
      "In July 2016 the Hague ruled that China had legal right to claim such a large portion of the South China Sea".
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      Crowbarin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, Little right but why did the Soviets need so much aid ? Look up lend lease act WW2!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why so many Soviets die ?? The Germans were better equipped and better fighters as the winter did them much damage the US and English bombers leveling their cities and factories brought Germany be weak then with the thousands of fuel trucks ,foods, railcars,trains , weapons, helped your ability to chase the Germans back as many Russians died because of lack of ability to fight back. You measure the Germans retreat home then since you know tanks can drive for weeks on one tank of gas ,right?????? That is where the US trucks came in also how many 14,000 airplanes we gAve you?????? Far as Japan did kick you around we didn't help it was them when super USSR lost to Japanese Navy. You had only a few transports for Beach landings yes ex US equp. You did good in mainland but 2 little islands you spoke of you did win but with heavy losses. Attacking mainland how with what you had a few transports for landing yes US donated . Thanks for help in the rest of the South Pacific!!!! We didn't see you thanks for firebombing and destroying all Japans industry oh The US bombed Japan burning all their cities one city 100,000 dead from fire bombs .Do some research not the old Soviet propaganda school books. Stalin couldn't grab Japan as you had no means to get there in but small amounts. Besides if you could have you country would have been taken over and bombed into nothing learn your history . Your country overcame lots but without other things falling in line Moscow was close to being taken. You might have won anyways but don't downplay others as scouts hiding in the woods and like you country did everything!!!!!!!!!! Everyone did a lot to help win including China !!! But got to go
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