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    PLA Rocket Force's D-16 Missiles

    Rocket Force: China Tests Its New Super-Accurate Missile During War Games

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    The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force has begun practicing the deployment of medium-range Dongfeng (DF) missiles capable of reaching strategic US and Japanese bases near China, the latest iteration of Beijing’s war game-preparations for an armed conflict in the South and East China Seas.

    While the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday celebrations carried on, Beijing focused on defense preparations. DF-16 missiles, first unveiled to the public in late 2015, were tested in the deep forest during missile-launch exercises in recent weeks, according to video footage of the war games published by the Chinese Ministry of National Defense.

    The DF-16 missile touts a level of accuracy comparable to a cruise missile, Shi Hong, executive editor of Shipborne Weapons, told China Daily. To quantify this precision, the missiles can travel some 625 miles, carry up to three nuclear warheads at a combined weight of one ton, and strike within five feet of a programmed target.  

    The DF-16's range puts it in striking distance of the US military base on Okinawa, as well as the Japanese islands, Taiwan, and the Philippines, The Japan Times reports. The latest medium-range ballistic missiles developed by China work via two phases that allow the missiles to alter trajectory mid-flight, the news outlet added. This feature of the DF-16 makes it possible to maneuver around Taiwan’s missile defense systems, The Japan Times notes.

    Beijing’s PLA Rocket Force could launch the DF-16 missiles from anywhere on the Chinese mainland, and perhaps even from China’s lone aircraft carrier Liaoning, given that the missiles are deployed from a mobile, 10-wheeled platform.  

    Recently, Beijing retaliated to US President Donald Trump’s communication with Taiwan by testing ten DF-21 missiles, which have a reported range of at least 900 miles. Chinese news agency Xinhua wrote that DF-21-class missiles can "destroy US Asia Pacific bases at any time." Military expert Rick Fisher told the Washington Free Beacon that "the PLA is banging some drums to provide background for military psychological warfare."

    An article in the Diplomat noted that China does not need to be concerned about a "conventional American assault on the mainland" from amphibious landing by water, or from paratroopers, or Marine expeditionary forces. Beijing is susceptible, however, to Washington’s ability to control waters "outside of China’s 12-nautical mile maritime boundaries," the Diplomat noted.  


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    • Drain the swamp
      Under the guise of oil and gas exploration, PRC already has large tugs that will tow back as booty entire US carrier fleets disabled by neutron bomb warheads tested recently in N Korea. The great satan is just a dumb fool when it comes to competing with the brains of a 1.3b population in China. The next stage is for PRC to station ICBMs on its rail network like Russia, for an aggressive satan to go back to the drawing board for another 10 years.
    • avatar
      I'm sure that the muppets in the pentagon are already aware of these weapons and are even now, straining to think of something. :)
    • AnomicDust
      The Diplomat seems optimistic that a blockade of Chinese waters could resist missile attack.
    • avatar
      Great News
    • avatar
      ViTranin reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      Drain the swamp, China could place nukes in some latin county's for US ... nice and close ... seconds !
    • avatar
      campaign like desert storm and analogue, have been an exraordinary show of high capacity to dispose sharp and sophisticated weapons, but few noted they were testing and showing in the same time... surprise has been Syria, where Russia demonstrated that not only Us can afford state of the art tecnologies and do it better, and China is not less!
    • Jeffrey Spinner
      Thank you Clintons for giving ICBM tech to China. All US citizens thank you.
    • Jeffrey Spinnerin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      ViTran, Thank Clinton's rest room email server. She sold ICBM secrets to China, as did Billie boy. What a scandal.
    • avatar
      The next world war will be the last global war when it turns into a nuclear war. China had better be prepared to throw even the kitchen sink at the American war machine or it will be balkenized into a few smaller states.

      But before the war starts China must sell all the over $1 trillion US Treasury bonds and buy gold and silver to turn the US dollar (backed by nothing) into ashes and cause Wall Street indices to crash below the floor board.
    • avatar
      ViTranin reply toJeffrey Spinner(Show commentHide comment)
      Jeffrey Spinner, No scandal ... US citizens do not Know ... and those that Do .... Do not Care, as next Khadazian episode soon which is more important !
      And that leaves a few ... who have no "voice" ...
    • Jeffrey Spinnerin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      ViTran, Don't worry. I am not alone. There are tons of men like me that think exactly as you do. From Kissinger, to Gruber. Enough is enough. It's as if they are reveling in the negative light they create for themselves. That will end, when the light gets turned off.
    • avatar
      ViTranin reply toJeffrey Spinner(Show commentHide comment)
      Jeffrey Spinner, Some will wake up when the Lights Go out ... others will sit and Wait to be rescued !
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