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    Nuclear weapons test at Enewetak in 1952

    Congress Commissions Study on What Would Happen if US Preemptively Nuked Russia

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    US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon's Strategic Command are working on a Congressional report to evaluate the probability of Russian and Chinese leaders surviving in the event of an American nuclear attack.

    The study was commissioned by the US Congress prior to Trump's inauguration, and calls for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Pentagon's Strategic Command (which plans and would carry out US nuclear strikes) to evaluate Russian and Chinese leadership survivability following a hypothetical US nuclear attack.

    The review is provided for in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, which passed the House and Senate before being signed into Law by President Barack Obama on December 23. 

    Section 1669 of the NDAA, entitled 'Report on Russian and Chinese Political and Military Leadership Survivability, Command and Control, and Continuity of Government Programs and Activities', calls on the ODNI to submit to Congress a report on what would happen if Moscow and Beijing were subjected to a limited or full-scale nuclear attack. 

    Congress wants the report to contain thorough descriptions of "the location and description of above-ground and underground facilities important to the political and military leadership survivability, command and control, and continuity of government programs and activities of each respective country." 

    It also expects US intelligence to identify "which facilities various senior political and military leaders of each respective country are expected to operate out of during crisis and wartime," and to offer a "technical assessment of the political and military means and methods for command and control in wartime." The report also asks for the Russian and Chinese officials and organizations "involved in manning and operating such facilities, programs, and activities" to be identified.

    Making very clear that it is referring to a hypothetical US nuclear attack against Russia and/or China, the NDAA asks for the expected survivability "such programs and activities can be expected to provide in various military scenarios ranging from limited conventional conflict to strategic nuclear employment."

    Following the intelligence review, the Commander of US Strategic Command is expected to "submit to the appropriate Congressional committees" his views on what "plans and options" STRATCOM has for its nuclear war planning efforts.

    US business news agency Bloomberg pointed out that that the Congressional review seems to contrast with President Trump's own posture on strategic nuclear weapons. While the President has pledged to modernize, "greatly strengthen and expand" America's nuclear capabilities, he has also proposed negotiations with Moscow on the reduction in the two countries' nuclear arsenals. 

    On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that it had obtained a draft of Trump's 30-day assessment of the United States Armed Forces' readiness to engage Daesh (ISIL/ISIS). According to the newspaper, the document also asked Secretary of Defense James Mattis to examine how the United States military might fare in operations against un-named "near-peer competitors." This was "a term US officials typically use to mean China and Russia, but that language is not in the final version," the paper stressed.

    On Friday, Trump ordered Mattis to "initiate a new Nuclear Posture Review to ensure that the United States nuclear deterrent is modern, robust, flexible, resilient, ready, and appropriately tailored to deter 21st-century threats and reassure our allies."

    STRATCOM has been tight-lipped about the review of the Russian and Chinese leadership's nuclear survivability. "Our experts are drafting an appropriate response," STRATCOM spokesman Navy Captain Brook DeWalt told Bloomberg in an email. He added only that while "it's premature to pass along any details at this point, we can update you further at a later date."

    Commenting on the review, Radio Sputnik contributor Vladimir Bychkov called out the "madness" of the plans. "Apparently, members of Congress still believe that a nuclear war can be fought and won and that they themselves will stay alive. Unbelievable!" he exclaimed.

    Recalling Arizona Republican Senator John McCain's never-ending conflict with Trump on everything from Russian sanctions to Trump's cabinet picks, Bychkov noted that "here too, things certainly didn't happen without McCain's involvement. He is showing an enviable level of activity given his age. His battle cry of 'the Russians are coming!' has slowly and quietly morphed into 'Trump is here!'" Hence the effort to restrict Trump in potential efforts to make peace with Moscow. 

    For his part, political scientist Igor Niklaichuk told Radio Sputnik that he wasn't so concerned about the review, suggesting that such evaluations are common among the nuclear powers, and subject to being updated from time to time.

    The question that remains is why the report was commissioned in the twilight of President Obama's term in office, and what impact its presentation to Congressional leaders sometime in the near future may have on the diplomatic proposals for rapprochement now circulating between Moscow and Washington. After all, necessary or not, reviews asking 'what would happen if our country nuked yours' aren't exactly designed to inspire confidence in the other side.


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    • arpitoin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, your method of determining statistical probability is a little bit, or a lot actually, ridiculous. Something that has a binary outcome does not mean that the odds are 50:50 of one of those two outcomes realizing. But in fact, most will agree that given the present course of nuclear proliferation and standoff, the chances are a lot higher than 50:50 for humanity to end by mutually assured destruction in the next 50 years. I do not know if anyone has actually tried to calculate the odds, but i do know that there were a dozen or so situations in the past 50 years when nuclear war was to be commenced by military protocol but field commanders stopped it. And i do know that contrary to those other times now there are a bunch of insane leaders in the USA who are actually advocating and instigating WWIII. And contrary to those other times the USA is actively encircling Russia and China with nuclear missiles, changed their military doctrine to first strike and withdrew from the ABM treaty. To me this means close to 100% probability if there is no political change in the globalist mad dogs.
    • avatar
      peskyverain reply toarpito(Show commentHide comment)
      arpito, IQ also stands for idiocy quotient.
    • Blackie
      There will not be enough bunkers for the insane leaders of US, plus they will destroy themselves, plus the wind will blow it their way to the US.
      It may come from the North Pole area, and if the Russian Satan bomb hits US they will meet their best friend Ol Nick in Hell...
    • avatar
      leaders will not survive. One way or the other. If nuke war happen, no more taxpayers....byebye so called world order. But if we destroy only the leader, the society will survive. So, before hitting the button, destroying the crazy leader is a question of survival.
    • avatar
      dvdgrg09in reply toarpito(Show commentHide comment)
      arpito, I figured somebody would challenge my odds making :) But maybe you haven't noticed that this guy called Trump is now the President. He appears to be a man of his word and he doesn't plan to start a nuclear war. So maybe the odds have gone down.
    • avatar
      sakisselin reply toarpito(Show commentHide comment)

      I agree with you 100%. And, even worse is the Media attempting to (and succeeding in) stirring emotions up.
    • avatar
      Erik Trete
      The worst case scenario is that the US Does manage to kill the military and political leadership in a first strike....resulting in an unrestrained response by lower level officers that throw everything including the kitchen sink at the US, crippling or destroying the 100 nuclear power stations in the US creating 100 meltdowns, each 1000x worse than Fukushima.

      Then, what might China do, if the US preemptively attacked Russia?
    • avatar
      Drone Kanyon subs will attack US coasts with radioactive tsunami mushroom clouds.
    • avatar
      rmukarutabanain reply toarpito(Show commentHide comment)
      arpito, Rather, yes.
      So it's let's nuke them a bit - "limited strike, eh? - and see whether or not Putin or Xi survive, then of course I'll not wait: I'll nuke you first.
    • avatar
      Relax all, the Us will not attack Russia this way. We are spending energy on scenarios which will not materialise. The New World Order or globalists are disappearing fast, instead true Nations will re-take their place in the world, true Nations with centuries-old customs, culture, language. These will not disappear. Forward in Faith. Pessimists: you are losing out... :)
    • avatar
      What is the bottom line of the so called, study?v The result is a waste of money - something Washington does best.
    • avatar
      Why bother with pre-Trump? He is ousting all this government thievery of money from citizens faster than democrats can learn the meaning of TRUMPED
    • avatar
      Lol. Stupid Americans. We've seen your military hardware and its junk compared to Russia's. If you want to nuke Russia you better kiss America good bye.
    • avatar
      How about studying something useful and more realistic...like replacing Congressmen with 4th grade students who obviously have higher IQ's and more important issues to discuss.
    • avatar
      One word to describe this activity ... evil. Another, abysmal. How much lower can a human being sink?
    • avatar
      Something tells me that the congressional request/order is not being implemented and will not be carried out. Most likely the request/order will be withdrawn.
    • avatar
      Such analysis are absolute rubbish as all they do is to try to please to those who ordered them. It beats me how on earth they believe it would be possible to execute first strike without being discovered in a first second of launching missiles by very long range radars and satellites whose sensors would instantly registered coordinates of launching sites as well as calculate probable trajectories.

      In such case when multiple Russian sources would confirm launches all would take turn towards worst nightmare scenario. Putin last year announced that Russia has no longer briefcase with some keys and launch codes for either first strike or retaliatory strike as all is now made absolutely safe through multiple systems of verification and if all concur between them retaliatory strike is automatically launched as well as launches from submarines and bombers are instantly deployed.

      Now there is small problem for USA as they would need to saturate their attack in order to penetrate long range – high altitude defence systems including old Soviet nuclear tipped AICBM which would not only physically destroy incoming missiles but would so highly ionise environment that electronic components on surviving missiles would all short due to extreme ionisation and if anything would survive that than there will be extremely strong EMP which would in a similar fashion as electrically supercharged ions charge electronic components with extreme electromagnetic pulse which would create high current in components and burn them out.

      However as all that would happen in space where will be no air that effects would be limited only on relatively small area , but after that missiles which would survive this electronic maelstrom would have to pass through another defence layer laid by S-400 which would be at hight of about 70 -100 km and that would be ultimate proof of missile resistance to direct impact of 400 kg high explosive in warheads. Once the small number of the lucky ones passes through this defence shield out of large numbers of saturating warheads there will be not much left but their torment will not stop just there as once they reach 30 km hight they will be met with swarms of S-300 and S-350 missiles which would quite confidently clear the skies at the heights where no nuclear explosion can create any harm to the surface below because there is not material needed for creating a fallout as it id during impact with surface.

      Saying that at the moment when USA missiles will started to take off Russian retaliatory strike will be in final phase of lift off and in next minute all hell will break loose as hundreds of missiles would depart to deliver their deadly package to USA. That is something what USA neocons, political establishment and warmongering idiots cannot believe it would be possible as they live in their world of illusions and dreams.

      Russia would answer with unexpectedly powerful warheads as it has been reported that majority of Russian are very powerful thermonuclear warheads. USA would execute attack with clear conquest of Russian land in mind and for that they would want to have as less as possible radioactive contamination. They want Russian natural resources and nothing else. Russians on other hand have no intention to conquer USA territory what so ever and therefore have no objections about total contamination of the USA land rendering it death trap for couple of centuries or more. Russia if squeezed to use last resort of defence it will make sure that for centuries to come there will be no threat from USA any more as the land we know today as USA would be declared Terra Nullius and available to whomever would have death wish. Colonisation would take place only after 200 – 300 years after the strike.

      Someone will ask how Russia will be able to defend itself and USA not. The reason is simple, USA have aggressive military doctrine and believe in first strike and if that successful there is usually no place for retaliation strike. USA has unproven THAAD system which is limited on predictable trajectories and lower hypersonic speeds of about 4.7 km/sec. Russian missiles are travelling between 7 and 8 km/sec and that is a bit too fast for sure hit. Because certain data are not confirmed it is very likely that they are exaggerated, for example missile travel distance is 200 km but manufacturer states that it can reach hight of 150km with speed of only 2.8 km/sec in vertical flight. That would be achievement on its own especially as the missile itself is relatively small and it has smaller quantity of fuel. However in the hight of over 100 km there is already vacuum and therefore manoeuvring is impossible. Russian S-400 operate in this still manoeuvrable zone between 70 and 100 km and that is offering a greater chance for success than flying in vacuum on pre calculated trajectory because Russians have hypersonic manoeuvrable re-entry vehicles which is impossible to intercept as they change hight and direction thus making massive miss as THAAD missiles as well as Patriot Pack-3 have no explosive warhead and require direct hit into incoming missile in order to vaporise it.

      Seriously these people either have ill brain or are not serious.
    • Gentle Eagle
      These so called "intelligence people" do not seem to know anything about the Russian "Dead Hand" switch!!!
      What happens if Russia is hypothetically nuked and say everyone is gone... That's when they'll understand what RUSSIA is all about. They will get annihilated wherever those nukes came from even with no humans there to control things!!!!
      Only in a mad person's dream!!! Don't mess with Russia. Period. Don't mess with China either.
    • avatar
      US of NA under Mr. Trump: please learn the virtue of humility and respect for
      other traditions. You will be loved, it can happen.
      Review your policies which encircle Russia, Russia is not what you think she is.
      Cut down on your expenses,close some/many bases, leave Diego Garcia where you do not belong.... This is also a time for Prayer to Almighty God to assist us mere mortals and sinners to reshape the world according to His original Plan. May our Lady of Fatima guide, help Russia. Remember the Russian Soul as TEDDY J so clearly explained last year:
      It is intolerable for a Russian to see a weak/weaker man being attacked ruthlessly by more powerful men. Simple truth, that Soul will save Russia,
    • avatar
      USA can't hide a first strike, Russian and Chinese missile will be on their way to obliterate the USA before the missiles arrive.These people are brain dead idiots.
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