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    An Arrow 3 ballistic missile interceptor is seen during its test launch near Ashdod December 10, 2015.

    Defending from Outer Space? Israel Introduces Arrow-3 Missile Interceptor System

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    Arrow-3, a missile-defense system capable of destroying targets in space, codeveloped by Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing, has officially entered service, according to Jerusalem.

    The Israeli Air Force announced that the Arrow-3, its newest missile defense system, has officially entered service. The first round of Arrow-3 installations have been delivered to the air force's Aerial Defense Array. US Air Force Brig. Gen. William Cooley joined Israeli Ministry of Defense representatives in a ceremony marking the delivery.

    "Arrow-3 is the result of many years of development efforts, based on a solution designed by Israeli Aerospace Industries, which have today come to fruition," said Boaz Levi, Israel Aerospace Industries vice president and general manager of the Systems, Missiles & Space Group. "This is a milestone for the Israel's Defense Establishment, and for Israel's defense industries."

    Arrow-3 will complement its lower-range predecessor, Arrow-2, and a short-range missile-defense system known as the Iron Dome. The new missile has half the weight of an Arrow-2, and, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, offers users better "control and monitoring abilities while also expanding radar detection range."  

    Arrow-3 is reported as being able to destroy targets as high as 62 miles, the boundary of outer space, also known as the Karman line. When the missile reaches a desired altitude, its warhead splits into individual ‘kamikaze satellites' that can track and destroy targets, including long-range and intercontinental missiles. If an Arrow-3 fails, the shorter-range and lower-altitude Arrow-2 will serve as a backup. However, it is unclear whether Arrow-3 can actually hit a satellite, since ‘low orbit' begins at the altitude of about 100 miles.

    According to public data, since 2008, the United States has contributed almost $600 million to the development of the Arrow-3. In September 2016, the US and Israel signed a 10-year military-aid deal assuring Israel $5 billion in missile-defense funding from fiscal year 2019 through fiscal year 2028, according to Defense News.


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    • American Socialist
      Copy of Russia's S-500 and China's Red Arrow.
    • v76
      Just become extinct you filthy rats.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Damn those neocons are smart ! Looks lie they are preparing for something they know and we don't !
    • james
      if it works as well as their iron dome, then their enemies have nothing to worry about.
    • Hermes
      That's sputnik for you. They won't report on israeli missile strikes on damascus but they will sell israeli weapons.
    • FeEisi
      Russia and Israel have the world's best SAMs.
    • avatar
      Palestine's ROCKS thru space? Oh well. But never engage Russia. that can not only obliterate and pulverize all the systems. But also attack and avoid the systems.
      Time RUSSIA become more jealous with technologies. Sell NOTHING for at least 10 years afters reg , lower troops get that.
      And keep it super secret , for decades. Until reg troops begin to receive them. THEN say what they DO. After 10 years then Russia can detail how the for export version works. ONLY.

      IF Russia doesn't tackle this NOW, it could lose the edge in a short time. Worst than when Gorbachev allowed that .
      And END the west TRANSPARENCY.
      Is ok to tell. Even show at times. but secrecy is part of surprise. And Russia always been ok with Israel, BUT there are limits.
    • avatar
      cast235in reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist,
      NONE have a copy of S500. Is well hidden. S500 will be something no one could believe now IF fully implemented. For ONLY I heard about projected capabilities. When ideas were out .. No tech was on.
      Part was using kinetic for engage multi warheads and much much more. On a single missile!! But will it happen?
    • avatar
      The Terrorist State. Yawn.
    • avatar
      the idf is a good business to be in it seems.
    • arpito
      the Je'ws are afraid, rightly so because of their crimes against humanity. But there is no defense against Russian nuclear missiles in case the chosen people make the wrong move
    • city-zen
      I think this technology is not existing yet - this is a hollywood-like con - Reagan's starwars fairytail!
      Russia or China could try if Arrows are operative.
    • Abinico Arts
      Paid for by the American taxpayer - and do we even get a thank you from israhell - NO.
    • R30soarskyesin reply tov76(Show commentHide comment)
      v76, xDD
    • R30soarskyesin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, paralay miltomsk and other have some design or details
      (why tf this was deleted ? lol ( , like , the sht is already uploaded outhere for a long time by now and is at best theoretical conceptual , speculative )
    • avatar
      Rather you want to admit it or not Palestinians are Muslims, Muslims want to kill all Christians. This is what their religion demands of them, that they kill all Christians. I say, go Israel, cleanse the land of them, make it safe for Christians. It is for sure the Pope doesn't care about Christians anymore. Look and listen to what the Muslims in Europe say and do, look at how filthy they are, do we want another one of them in any of our nations? I say, no.
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