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    'Dumbest Fighter Program Ever Conceived': Why Trump Should Cancel F-35

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    US President-elect Donald Trump should cancel the "irredeemable" Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, defense analyst Mike Fredenburg wrote for the National Review, calling the ill-fated fifth-generation combat aircraft "the dumbest fighter program ever conceived."

    The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program "showcases all that is wrong about our military's vendor-dominated, crony-capitalist procurement system," he said. "Unless dealt with decisively, its massive cost and its lack of capability will have a dramatically negative impact on our military's effectiveness for decades to come."

    Fredenburg, who holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a Masters in production operations management, maintained that "fatal mistakes," which have crippled the most expansive aircraft in the Pentagon's procurement history, were made during the conceptual design process more than two decades ago. These flaws, including intractable weight and heat issues, cannot be fixed, meaning that the program is unlikely to deliver the plane it has promised.

    In addition, the F-35 was touted for its versatility, but it will in fact need protection and support in combat.

    "Because of numerous performance deficiencies and limited weapons capacity, the so-called operationally capable F-35 will need support to locate and avoid threats, acquire targets, and engage enemy aircraft," the expert explained, citing a memo released by the Office of Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E). "In short, the F-35 – a flying tinderbox – will need to be nursemaided by other aircraft that are actually combat capable."

    Fredenburg further said that pulling the plug on the F-35 takes a president since individual members of the US Congress lack "the clout" needed to take a stand against the program.

    "The F-35 is irredeemable. … No stronger message about reforming our broken defense-procurement process can be sent than by canceling the dumbest fighter program ever conceived. Mr. President, please cancel the F-35," he said, referring to Donald Trump.

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      I suppose if Mike is convinced the plane wont operate essentially at all its a no brainer, that aside it wasn't till I viewed the latest promo video last week that I realized what the real purpose behind this plane really was.

      In essence its meant to be a flying control center that both coordinated targeting and collects targets processed from other sources in a networked hook up that is wired directly into the Aegis system.

      Patrolling F-35's anywhere in the world can target and coordinate targets provided by other sources and command firing missiles from Aegis linked missile sites wherever they might be.
      If this network program ever worked it would essentially give any nation using these planes the same power as a major super power.
      As obviously it is a NATO nations plane and as been sold to NATO countries plus Israel it militarily becomes a us and them scenario enforcing a stand off between NATO and non NATO nations therefore by its very nature is a instrument of power and enforcement of the Hegemonic Empire.

      Once all those nations take delivery of the plane and if the system works NATO importance to NATO aligned nations becomes sacrosanct cementing NATO's place as a vile competitor to the multi polar power sharing economic model of non interventionism that surely must replace the current warmongering NATO supported system which materially is on its knees.

      If Aegis is allowed to be within striking distances by whatever form to non NATO nations it then becomes a near certainty to propel us back on a course to WW3.

      With what I have just outlined its far from being a dumb plane in fact its a super brain with the highest IQ of all to maintain a warmongering stance advocated by the departing Obama administration.
      The options and remedies are obvious Aegis must be banned from offensive positioning by UN decree or they must be destroyed if the F-35 is to be continued.
    • MNaydenov
      The fact that it is vulnerable and expensive still stands.
    • avatar
      MNaydenov agreed its 'piece de resistance' was its so called 'invisibility' being pure salesmanship! mind you many years ago at the start of development 'stealth' was wrongly promoted as being invisible an as such being untouchable.

      Its vulnerability in 2017 makes the plane a utter and complete liability a 150 million flying coffin.
      So unless they can steal the invisible cloak from Russia (it does exist) its a dream of power philosophy's that was full of holes....it could be said its a dream maker with a non gratis persona profile.
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      If the F35 is a lemon, then we should encourage the backers to throw more money at it .. logical ?
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