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    Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning

    New Naval Power? China Expected to Have 3 Aircraft Carrier Groups in Near Future

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    The Chinese military’s combat capability has significantly grown in the past decade. At present, China’s second aircraft carrier is under construction.

    According to military expert Liang Fang, the Chinese navy is expected to build its third aircraft carrier battle group in the near future and that would be capable of safeguarding territorial sovereignty and maritime rights, Chinese People’s Daily newspaper reported.

    Liang further noted that “China is developing its aircraft carrier technology to defend national interests rather than to seek hegemony,” the publication reported.

    Earlier last week, a fleet headed by aircraft carrier Liaoning held drills in the South China Sea.

    Around the same time, reports came in stating that the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear-powered American aircraft carrier, would deploy from San Diego, California to the Western Pacific region.

    As tension between two powers rise there is a lot of debate ongoing regarding the capabilities of both the navies.

    The military expert Liang Fang said that although the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group is not comparable with its US counterpart in tonnage or number of aircraft, it nevertheless boasts stamina and a bright future.

    “From the perspective of future development, the US military clearly lacks stamina and the country's insufficient military spending is proof of that,” Liang told People’s Daily.

    In addition, frequent problems with US Navy Super Hornet, F-35C and other carrier-borne fighters have seriously hindered the aircraft carriers’ combat capability.

    In contrast, the Chinese military’s combat capability has grown tremendously in the past decade and continues to grow.


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    • American Socialist
      eat your heart out India.
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      China and Russia for that matter (and possibly North Korea) would not be anywhere near the military advanced stage they are now had america not interfered with the Middle East and begun threatening Asia. america only has itself to blame in that it poisoned almost all of the worlds relationships with each other particularly its allies who were fools to follow their lead..america has turned cancerous and is eating away at any healthy attempt to hold normal relationships any where on the planet (and off it it seems)
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      A strong and powerful army is the only thing that can keep China safe and protected from potential aggressors.
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      3 aircraft carriers? Wrong prediction for sure. From here to the next quarter century, China will at least beat the US in the numbers of carriers for a fact. China not only build to protect its ocean front yards but will build to projects its businesses, militaries, and powers around the world. As for now, China has the resources, man powers, and wills to build just about any imaginable and unimaginable things - just wait and see.
    • avatar
      China needs 24 carrier groups.
      It could task Russia to build a dozen for China. And ONLY the hull. China could easily provide the rest.
      The first carrier was made by Russia. It was assembled in Ukraine.
      Where the STOOGES of U.S Gorbachev and Yeltsin left them.

      I would task Russia to speed up things. Plus create jobs. Russia will have to resort on robotics for civilians stuff eventually. BUT the cash will have to be distributed or poverty will take over.

      In this, Russia should tap German shoulders, IF you want industries in my lands,. No ROBOTS OR discuss a special tax. Play ROBIN HOOD.. Or any Russian HERO!!!

      But CHINA above all need at least 2,000 hypersonic anti ship weapons!!! And to attack land targets.
      means 4 to 5,000. To contain the enemies. Also a LOT of protection against penetration. Special forces sneaking in. China have the people for it.
      And eventually tech will help more.
      But west can BLANK cameras etc. And render electronics into west advantages!!
      So live personnel could help. Until the day, China is above in those areas.

      And THIS is where copycat is a dis advantage. Thru ALL the U.S Russia RIFT and propaganda, and madness, U.S NEVER NOT ONCE thought or mention on copy any Russian tech known!!!
      THAT creates TRUST in some areas.!!!!
      TRUST China lost with the COPYCAT.

      To have REAL ALLIES that trust you, you MUST respect no matter what.

      The F35 is a bonafide copy, of the YAK 141. It have those wings, because the YAK was VTOL,.

      This copy of course have modernized systems. BUT never was STOLEN or copied. It was LICENSED by YAK.

      Although, MOST U.S innovation is stolen. U.S had the great SENSE of NEVER to copy Russian like that.

      And like England before U.S, U.S is learning the HARD way how Russia can mess anyone up. Without firing a shot.

      This reminds me of..INDIA!!! When U.K was colonizing and splitting India. It was RUSSIA that intervened and stopped it.
      U.K, decided to go after Russia. But to late. Before that, when England, U.K was a SUPER POWER, it decided to tackle Russia.
      It ended losing the super power status.
      I would eliminate the subs in U.K.. Why? Those nukes IF ever used, will be the end of U.K.
      Reason U.S wants the PEACE PIPE with Russia.
      To get the west STOOGES to negotiate arms deals that are convenient ONLY to west.
      They INVENT a violation to ERECT sanctions and add loads of fine print. That are U.S WISH LIST.

      For Now China Russia should have mutual protection agreement. Permanent one. One like CSTO. China could allow a base or two for CSTO.
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      K.Tin reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, right now India already more aircraft carrier than china..secondly in future ..you will see USA carrier stationed at Indian navy bases.. and china string of pearls ..will all its hype will doomed in Indian ocean.
    • American Socialistin reply toK.T(Show commentHide comment)
      K.T, yes.. but one thing is different. China is building it's own. India simply leases from Russia, LOL.
    • avatar
      well, at least there have been no reports surfacing about Chinese ships needing a tow back to port. :)
    • avatar
      K.Tin reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, American Socialist, India leased one from Russia .and rest its building its own..get Ur facts right dude. don't bark .
      and India don't copy and reverse engineer like china. dude.
    • avatar
      China will get screwed right and left from Usa , Japan,India and Australia .....Taiwan ,Vietnam being the others.... How crazy are these Chinese people comparing their lousy aircraft carrier with American ones.... America has 13 nuclear powered aircraft carriers each having 80 -90 Fighter aircrafts each with catapult and a sky jump like the lousy aircraft carrier.... Chinese will be screwed if they face the mighty American navy . Another point how many years has Chinese being operating these 2 years ..??? Haha Even india has been operating aircraft carriers for the last 40 years and India has 2 carriers now.... 13 aircrafts carriers each having 80 fighter aircraft vs Chinese having 1 carrier with 30 aircrafts..hahaha Chinese will be fried.... and one more don't say to me that by 2025 Chinese will have 3... China will be finished even before 2025.
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