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    Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning

    Beijing’s Aircraft Carrier Docks After Military Drills in South China Sea

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    Liaoning, China’s sole aircraft carrier, recently dropped anchor after conducting a series of military training exercises, alerting Taiwanese officials that the threat posed by Taiwan’s enemies is "growing by the day."

    For its part, China fears that Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen will cross one of Beijing’s red lines by making a push for formal independence. The prospect of Taiwanese independence could lead to military escalation, but Tsai has maintained she seeks peaceful ties with China.

    The carrier led a fleet of warships 90 miles south of the Taiwan-held Pratas islands before docking in the southern Chinese province of Hainan, but a Taiwan military official pointed out that the movement did not necessarily signal that the Liaoning was finished with its exercises.

    Beijing claimed that Liaoning was conducting routine exercises and that no part of the mission violated international law. Last month, Beijing announced that the Soviet-built ship was ready for combat, although, unlike other aircraft carriers, the carrier must rely on air support for land attacks, as the ship is only equipped with air-defense weapon systems. 

    Analysts have pointed out that despite years of honing the carrier’s operations, China’s carrier remains years away from carrying out functions that US carriers have made routine during the past few decades. 

    This month, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, a Washington-based think tank, released images depicting what it said was a military buildup on the Spratly islands in the geopolitically-sensitive maritime area of the South China Sea, a trade route that sees some $5 trillion worth of goods transit annually. 


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    • American Socialist
      i support China, Russia, Sputnik, and RT..
      but is this really news?
    • avatar
      This is why Russia should MIX the KIEV class, Mistral, and trimaran to create a real carrier or cruiser. But Russia's eternal DRAGGING FEET , will never see a real combat vessel out.

      This trimaran carrier, should have 60 to 96 aircraft.
      Logistics could arrive in containers. Sealed.

      And arm and or helicopter or drone could make the transfer. It should be FAST.. Capable of land at beaches. With frontal and rear gates.
      The KIEV class front arms will attack beaches IF need be. Before aircraft's go in!!
      Small landing crafts are great too. Perhaps Russia could build one with 3 main battle-tanks, and 250 personnel. Plus tanks crews.
      But speed is of essence, and in real war they may be attacked. So ship to ground missiles will do great. And a LOT of defenses. Ships should have an attached drone like the T14. That go very high for views well before the vessel arrives.
      Nuclear and gas or w.e Russia decide propulsion and then AIP like to move around sensors.
      Satellites could be knocked out before any battle begins.
      Ships should have 1 years emergency supplies. Plus FRESH supplies , for the trips duration.
      Perhaps the carrier could sink in the water. To release special forces teams.

      The ZUBR hovercraft should be same. Emergency supplies, and fresh. Plus perhaps add another main battle tank to the list.. the troops amount should be same with all in. Russia could add a 3 meter ceiling. And many defensive weapons. And time is FASTER and capable of negotiate higher banks etc.
      It could benefit with a DRONE like the T14, to see far away.
    • arpito
      China is extremely belligerent when it comes to territorial claims. They conquered and annexed Tibet, are laying claim to everything near them on the open seas. The only legitimate claim they probably have is over Taiwan, since that is a remnant of the WWII proxy wars like the two Vietnams, the two Koreas etc. I think that it is a mistake to support Taiwan, it really is part of the one China. The west should be supporting Tibet independence and the fair division of the South China sea and these should be done trough the UN and not some sort of Nato and USA initiative. We need a different UN that is not hostage to the Security Council vetos but truly represents the will of the majority of nations. That is where international political cooperation should be focusing. Not on the interests of the most powerful. The UN needs total reform, they should have peacekeeping role but not an army that could be used for offensive purposes. The UN resolutions should be binding on all members, else they are thrown out of the international community. Israel for example should lose their UN membership because it consistently defies UN resolutions. The Teeth of the new UN would be economical sanctions and mass media. Today the UN is a pathetic organization in the pockets of the elite of wealthy nations. It does far more harm than good because it is the instrument of the strong to exert their will over the weak.
    • arpitoin reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, unconditional support is evil. It means to have an agenda and the blind support of anyone who helps that agenda along. Better not to support anyone, but the truth. And that means sometimes supporting one side and other times supporting the other side. It is just me. Blocks of interest are the cause for wars and destruction. You still support China and Russia against the USA and friends?
    • avatar
      nice Russian design. :)
    • avatar
      Infidel Cartmanin reply toarpito(Show commentHide comment)
      arpito, So, as long the world creates an organization that supports YOUR political agenda, everything will be good?
    • avatar
      Infidel Cartmanin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, nice and old.
    • R30soarskyesin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, nope , you retard ! did u even fkng know a sht about design projects military ships krejseri else ??!!! NOPE !!!
      so , shut the fk hell up !
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