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    Ukrainian missile complexes launch medium range guided missiles during military drills in southern Kherson region bordering Crimea, Ukraine, December 1, 2016

    Ukraine Military Ends Guided Missile Tests Near Crimea Amid Russia's Protests

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    Ukraine has announced an end to its missile drills near Crimea.

    KIEV (Sputnik) — The Ukrainian Armed Forces have wrapped up surface-to-air missile tests in southern Ukraine, Chief of General Staff Gen. Viktor Muzhenko said Friday.

    "Flight and control tests of anti-aircraft guided missiles are successfully completed. The armed forces have taken an important step in increasing their combat capability and gaining opportunities to protect their state," Muzhenko wrote on his Facebook page.

    Russia's air transport agency Rosaviatsia said last week that Ukraine unilaterally decided to hold missile firing exercises near Crimea’s Simferopol on December 1-2 in violation of international agreements.

    Moscow repeatedly called Kiev's missile launches in the Black Sea a threat to the safety of Russian civilian flights to Crimea and a provocation. Russian aviation authorities also informed the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) about the tests, so far without a response.

    The Russian Defense Ministry summoned Ukraine's defense attache last week to serve a note protesting Kiev illegally restricting the use of airspace over the Black Sea during the missile firing drills near Crimea.


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    • Adrienne Adonis
      Putin will have to teach the Ukraines a lesson for what they are doing.
    • avatar
      The West is too preoccupied with the collapsing EU and the rise of Trump to pay attention to Ukraine. Expect more attention seeking.
    • avatar
      Lately we are seeing so many provocations and actions taken by USA and their vassal states against Russia that it is extremely difficult not to understand what are their intentions. However so far Russia did not respond in a manner west would do if they would be subjected to such provocations. In my opinion that is exactly what they expected from Russia to do.

      If we analyse their behavioural pattern we will very soon notice wolfs pack behaviour. USA act as a Alpha male and pack leader. In his pack there are few of quite powerful males who would love to share top of the pecking order. Interesting enough is that this pack is not neither strong nor confident in their ability to take the pray of Russian size. They believe that if all of them go in well planned attack they might have chance to win. However problem is that really no one knows how powerful is Alpha male as his presentation and aggressiveness has been demonstrated on a very small and weak pray and even there most of the time was not real kill but as prey fought back it somehow exposed total inability of the Alpha mail.

      As first sign of NATO deterioration is resentment in EU partners who are obviously sick and fed up with Washington idiots and their lies and false presentations. That was recently very openly and quite fearlessly demonstrated by Junkers EU boss who contrary to USA demand clearly and unambiguously announced that in a very near future EU will form own common armed forces and become completely USA independent. Pentagon does not like that as that is clear sign of disobedience and demonstration of mistrust to USA military might which was so far 6 storey below the ground level not a on a top of a skyscraper.

      This is first time in a modern history of USA that vassal states decided that they had it enough. Before Russia flexed its military muscles anyone was believing that USA is ultimate and never exceeded might and that they can lombast and crush anyone at their own will. That is now finished, USA are sinking deeper and deeper in own manure and even they reluctantly realised that soon they will be treated only as big massively indebted country worth of avoiding as a plague.

      Everything has an beginning and end, only question is how long it will last and what will look like the end. If the country uses its might to promote Fascist tyranny than it is guaranteed that there will quite soon come an end to that. USA were sitting in driving position since 1991 when Idiot Gorbachev dismantled Warsaw alliance and broken apart Soviet Union (he should be prosecuted and executed as rabid dog) and their end is already happening regardless what they think.

      World has new leader and it is not any of US vassals as for example Germany hoped as well as UK and France. Now the problem is that everyone is clear about USA game which was cowardly push all possible allays (vassals) into war against Russia with hope that they will fight for USDA till the last drop of their blood. USA would then decide either enter as undamaged military force and execute anyone who is still alive and above all Russia. However their calculations proved to be fundamentally wrong as they did not believe that EU can ever rebel.

      Recently we have seen very clumsy attempts by EU to salvage their face and keep hold on positions as they realised that neither USA nor NATO as such is able to take on Russia. As EU realised that USA is nothing more than hyena without teeth and cloves they decided that the best what they can do to prevent Russian steam roller flattening them to repair relations and possibly offer small resistance just to prove the point that they are not cheap starving and frozen prostitute which would made oral only to have something warm inside.

      In a few months whole western system would collapse unless Trump acknowledges Russia and starts openly to treat it as a equal partner. No matter what the days of USA as unchallenged world ruler are over, new ruler is already walking towards throne and it looks as that his reign will be long lasting as it will base on truth, justice and respect. Things current ruler did not have in his vocabulary at all let alone understand meaning.
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