01:37 GMT +331 March 2017
    An anti-aircraft defense missile C-75  launched by Ukrainian army

    Ukraine Plans More Missile Launches, Aircraft Tests Friday Near Crimea

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    Kiev intends to carry out additional missile and aircraft exercises near Crimea on Friday despite Moscow's protest.

    KIEV (Sputnik) — The Ukrainian military plans additional missile launches and aircraft exercises on aerial targets in the country's south on the second day of planned two-day drills, the Ukrainian Air Force said Friday.

    "Several missile launches and aircraft tests on air targets are planned today," Air Command South spokesman Volodymyr Kryzhanovskiy told Ukraine's 112 broadcaster.

    The spokesman claimed that Thursday's missile and S-300 air defense system drills went according to plan, adding that the exercises are expected to resume when weather conditions improve.

    Moscow repeatedly called Kiev's missile launches in the Black Sea a threat to the safety of Russian civilian flights to Crimea and a provocation. Russian aviation authorities also informed the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) about the tests, so far without a response.

    The Russian Defense Ministry summoned Ukraine's defense attache last week to serve a note protesting Kiev illegally restricting the use of airspace over the Black Sea during the December 1-2 missile firing drills near Crimea.

    The Ukrainian Air Force's Air Command South said Thursday that the missile firings' nearest approach point to the Crimean peninsula does not exceed 18.6 miles.


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    • Mikhas
      Good for Russian target and jamming practice, make the obsolete junk target the US advisor's no doubt leading the "exercise" instead...
    • avatar
      Ukraine tests missiles, in preparation to shoot NATO ships and planes in Baltic and put blame on Russia.
      This is a planned future scenario.
      Same as the MH17 scenario.
      After this test, we will know that Ukraine will be responsible for a false flag.
    • avatar
      I am expecting that Putin will willingly supply new missiles for Ukrainian S-300 systems as he loves Ukraine that much that no one can even think to hurt them in any way, shape or form. For Putin Ukraine is holly door to beloved west and there is no way that he would ever go against Ukraine no mater what they do to Russia.

      However, the military problem is that Russia cannot engage with the latest anti missile defence systems such new S-300, S-350 or S-400 as that would give USA good opportunity to study all parameters of guidance systems and above all radar functioning.

      If USA learn these things than S-400 is as good as dead as they would be able to create adequate countermeasures thanks to Ukraine having similar system in operation so decoding will be of no great deal. USA radar station in Romania proved to be bigger challenge than on a first glance. This Ukrainian exercises have exactly that in mind as they were prepared by CIA and funded by CIA as Ukraine has no money for such expensive expenditure of their already brain dead military.

      Russia should refrain from any of reactions on this provocation as more time passes by more are CIA and Pentagon dogs nervous as they are spending USA taxpayer's money for no result. Price for keeping head down is negligible compared to price of surprise for NATO if they ever dare to launch a military attack on Russia.

      Remember how USA and Israel reacted on anything new coming from Russia to Syria. They immediately prepare provocation just to get all necessary data about new hardware and electronic signatures in order to figure out how to disable it. We still remember when Russia announced that they will supply supersonic Onix (Yakhont) missiles to Syria (and soon after that they announced that delivery did took place even though it was not true) and USA pulled back their navy to over 400 km away from the predicted zone of engagement with Onix missiles and Israel staged provocation and few days later bombed sites believeing that missiles were there, but after that no Israel nor USA navy come close to Syrian coast. Not long after that there were spreading rumors that Russia supplied S-300 to Syria and USA and Israel soon after that launched a simulation attack with cruise missile which was packed with electronics not a with explosive and was flying from sea towards Syrian coast. Syrian army responded with tracking that cruise missile but USA and Israel soon discovered that signature was an old and known S-200 system which Syria has since Soviet times.

      Basically Russian military has many times more of that gray mass between the ears than USA Pentagon military experts and planners who have just minuscule samples of that gray mass between ears. You do not believe me? You think I am one bias person who is full of anger and hate? No I am not that, I just analytically connect the dots to get a ful picture, but that was dead easy, just look at USA top military personnel starting with rear admiral Kirrby in State Department, going through 4 star general Breedlaw, and last but not the least 4 star general who threatens Russia to bit them hard as never before. These are TOP GENERALS and they supposed to be the smartest and if their public presentation reflects their intellect than you have to admit that I am 110% right.
    • avatar
      do the same to kievan airspace...:)
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