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    An intercontinental ballistic missile Yars of the mechanized column of the Central Military District's Moscow Garrison during the rehearsal of the military parade to mark the 71st Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, at the Alabino training ground, Moscow Region.Тренировка военного парада, посвященного Победе в Великой Отечественной войне

    Spot Me If You Can: Russia's Brand New Nuke Train to Be Undetectable

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    A Russian-made intercontinental ballistic missile outfitted onto the advanced Barguzin rail-based strategic missile complex has successfully passed a pop-up launch test for the first time. Defense analyst Victor Murakhovsky told Radio Sputnik that this unique system is virtually undetectable.

    Murakhovsky mentioned that some have referred to the new complex, which carries up to six RS-24 Yars missiles, as "a sheer nightmare" for foreign intelligence services.

    "I would agree with this since there are no attributes which could be used to detect this rail-based missile complex," he said. "There is a new launching platform and a new combat control system which uses protected digital communication channels. There are new input programs for missions," he detailed.

    The testing took place at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome approximately two weeks ago in early November. It paves the way for full-scale flight development tests.

    "Pop-up launch tests are conducted to determine whether the complex is operational. The missile and the transporter-launcher container were developed some time ago, but the launching platform is a novel solution. The trials are meant to test its performance," the analyst explained.

    The work on the Barguzin is proceeding according to plan, he added. The system is expected to be developed by 2018.

    The Barguzin will be a major upgrade compared to the rail-based strategic missile complexes developed in the Soviet Union. They were removed from operational use in 2005.

    "Soviet-era platforms employed railway cars, different in size from standard rail carriages. The new missile complex fits onto standard rail gauge. The wagons carrying [the recently tested] missiles resemble a freight refrigerator car for instance," he explained.

    Murakhovsky also said that the new system is second to none in the world.

    "The United States was working on a similar program during the Cold War," he said. "There was an idea to lay rail tracks underground and place launching platforms there. Financing was wasted and they did not create anything even remotely resembling the Russian system."


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      Excellent. This is the only language the War Party understands.
    • Drain the swamp
      Russia must make it clear that any war will involve a complete annhilation of israel,NY,SF and golders green in London FIRST. Once the oppenheimers,nudelmans,perles and kagans running the US deep state understand that 70% of their fellow khazis will be wiped out, it will be deterrent enough. They have to get rid of Putin via the pokhorovsky,davidovich and kasparovs within mother Russia then.
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      None of you people must be parents.. Anyone that's ok with killing innocent people and being okay with it must not know the feeling of love
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      luckys, OMG not another bleeding heart SJW hypocrite. who ironically wants to assassinate Trump too !! WE ARE TALKING DETERRENCE AGAINST THE GREAT SATAN HERE (that has actually used nuclear weapons before), dumbass and/or troll !
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      Drain the Swamp what have you done for your country lately beside complain about it!?
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      @Luckys, if you want peace, you must be well prepared and ready for war. When you have nothing, your counterpart might not be nice like you. He may want to conquer and rule you.
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      tobi.gelandoin reply towhataf005(Show commentHide comment)
      Whataf this is a good all saying "if you want peace be prepared for war"
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      I wouldn't be so sure, that such trains are undetectable.
      There are many ways first to determine and later to keep track of it.
      Such claims are mostly just feeling-well dreams.
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