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    Non-State Actor Appears to Be Behind Cyberattack on US Websites - Intelligence

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    A non-state actor was likely behind the cyberattacks on major US websites, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence head said.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — A non-state actor was likely behind the cyberattack against major US-based websites on Friday, Office of the Director of National Intelligence head James Clapper said.

    "That appears to be preliminary the case, a non-state actor," Clapper stated at the Council on Foreign Relations on Tuesday, when asked who was behind the attack. "The investigation is still going on."

    Websites of prominent companies including social-messaging platform Twitter, online retailer Amazon.com and streaming-music service Spotify were shut down for several hours on Friday, disabling their services to customers.

    The US Department of Homeland Security said it was looking into all potential causes of the attack.

    After the incidents, whistleblowing website WikiLeaks addressed its supporters asking them to stop targeting "the US internet" with hacking attacks.

    Last week, the Ecuadorian Embassy in London said it had shut off the website founder Julian Assange's Internet access due to WikiLeaks publishing materials that affect the US presidential election. WikiLeaks said on Monday that Assange's Internet link was intentionally cut off by a state party.


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    • American Socialist
      about time someone admitted they don't know.
      unlike the bumbling idiots in the White House & Senate.
    • avatar
      By Wayne Madsen | 21.10.2016

      "The U.S. Intelligence Community, led by the three most political actors in recent history, claims to have irrefutable “proof” that the Russian government was behind the hacking of Democratic Party computers and those affiliated with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. However, Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and National Security Agency director Admiral Mike Rogers provided not one iota of evidence that it was Russian state players who hacked into the computers of the Democrats or the personal email accounts of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and other staffers.

      "Podesta has a long track record of interest in extraterrestrial visitations of our planet and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the files the U.S. government possesses on these subjects. Consequently, Podesta, who has served as White House chief of staff for Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, has drawn the interest of the most dedicated contingent among the computer hacker community: those who hope to discover the “mother lode” of secret files allegedly held by the U.S. government on alien visitations and UFOs.""
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