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    90,000 Pages of Newly Leaked Intel Reveal True Extent of Daesh Threat in Europe

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    Information gathered from several European investigations into the Paris attacks reveal that Daesh extremists planned further atrocities across France and the UK. Details surrounding the new intelligence have been reportedly leaked to US mainstream media.

    The information has found that the scale of the November 2015 atrocities in Paris, where 130 people were slaughtered, could have been much worse. New documents leaked to the media have found that there were two other would-be attackers, one from Algeria, named Adel Haddai and the other, from Pakistan, called Mohammad Usman.

    This is not the only shocking revelation to emerge after the terror attacks in Paris. One of the terrorists, Abid Tabaouni remained at large for eight months before being arrested, despite him putting regular posts on Facebook.

    Police officers stand guard near the Eiffel Tower which has its lights turned off on November 14, 2015 following the deadly attacks in Paris.
    © AFP 2019 / ALAIN JOCARD
    Police officers stand guard near the Eiffel Tower which has its lights turned off on November 14, 2015 following the deadly attacks in Paris.

    Most of the terror attackers had traveled to Europe along with the refugees. Using fake passports, they were able to travel to Greece by escaping Syria along with thousands of people fleeing the wartorn country in the summer of 2015.

    ​The group had also planned to follow up the terror attacks in Paris with others in several locations, one of which was the UK.

    The documents have revealed some other interesting revelations reharding how Daesh planned the attacks by extensively using social media platforms, such as WhatsApp.

    However, what is most surprising is the level of sophistication that Daesh have implemented into their pre and post attack plans. Terror analyst Paul Cruickshank said that Daesh are increasing their presence and attack planning capabilities on a global scale.

    ​"It [Daesh] is increasingly sophisticated in the way it does this. It's set up an intricate, logistical support system for these terrorists… to launch these terrorist attacks," Paul Cruickshank said.


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