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    Tigr all-terrain armored vehicle

    New Modification of Tigr Armored Vehicles Tested in Russia

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    The latest modifications of Russian-made Tigr all-terrain armored combat vehicle recently underwent a series of trials at the Arzamas Machinery Plant testing range.

    The Gaz-2330 Tigr (Tiger) is a family of Russian off-road vehicles, developed in the early 2000s and put into production in early 2004 at the Arzamas Machinery Plant, part of the Military-Industrial Company (VPK LLC). The vehicle is produced in a variety of configurations, and is available for both civilian and military use.

    Tigr all-terrain armored vehicle
    Tigr all-terrain armored vehicle

    The vehicle’s modular structure basically allows for a variety of modifications, be it a command vehicle or an anti-tank weapons platform.

    Tigr all-terrain armored vehicle
    Tigr all-terrain armored vehicle


    "Chassis, engine, suspension, transmission – they’re the same for all of the vehicle’s modifications. We just change hulls; the type of the hull we use essentially determines what kind of vehicle we get," Sergei Suvorov, spokesman for VPK LLC, explained.

    Also, unlike its predecessors that featured US-made motors, the latest iteration of Tigr features a domestically manufactured 215 horse-power 4-liter diesel engine with turbocharger, Russian TV channel Zvezda reports.

    Tigr all-terrain armored vehicle
    Tigr all-terrain armored vehicle

    The vehicle can navigate virtually any type of rough terrain and can be equipped with a vast assortment of weapons, ranging from high-caliber machineguns to anti-tank rocket launchers.


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