05:23 GMT20 June 2021
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    The Relationship Between the Two Koreas (166)

    North Korea has deployed an intermediate-range ballistic missile to its east coast, a South Korean government source said, as reported by Yonhap news agency.

    South Korean and Japanese military officials are monitoring the situation, though there have been no signs of a launch detected.

    "We have detected signs that the North has deployed what appears to be a Musudan missile," agency cited the source.

    Yonhap news agency cited government sources as saying that Defense Minister Gen Nakatani ordered to strike down any Korean missile that approaches the islands with Aegis-armed destroyers and Patriot missile launchers.

    Meanwhile, a South Korean government source told the Korea Times newspaper on condition of anonymity there were signs that North Korea had deployed an intermediate-range Musudan missile to the eastern coast.

    The Relationship Between the Two Koreas (166)


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    Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK), South Korea
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