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    NATO's Anaconda-16 War Games in Poland

    NATO War Games Near Russia 'Pushing Humanity Towards World War III'

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    NATO has begun its Anaconda-16 war game, calling for the largest assembly of foreign forces in Poland since World War II.

    On Monday, NATO launched its largest war game in decades, near the Russian border, as part of what analysts call the "summer of provocation," a bid to reignite the Cold War intended to force Moscow to starve its domestic economy to ramp up its military to meet a growing external threat.

    The war game, titled Anaconda-16, will take place in Poland ahead of next month’s NATO summit in Warsaw, where officials are expected to approve permanent troops to be stationed in the country and throughout eastern Europe, to combat what they consistently refer to 'Russian aggression.'

    The 10-day military exercise calls for the participation of some 31,000 NATO troops and thousands of military vehicles, in what will be the single largest movement of foreign forces inside of Poland since World War II, rehashing painful memories for many Russians.  

    In June 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to disarm the ‘Russian aggression’ talking point disseminated by neoconservative Beltway think tanks, pointing to the absurdity of Russia instigating a war against NATO member states.

    "I think that only an insane person, and only in a dream, can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO," said Putin, adding, "I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people’s fears with regard to Russia."

    Regardless of the motives, the escalation of a NATO military presence close to Russian borders has reached a fever pitch, with the US establishing a missile-defense system in Romania and undertaking the development of a separate missile shield in neighboring Poland.

    Beyond attempting to strangle Moscow’s nuclear deterrent, the Obama administration has also increased Pentagon spending in countries neighboring Russia by four-fold.

    The Obama administration is not alone in its efforts to increase a rhetoric of threat. In recent months Poland has called for an influx of US troops and military aid, citing concerns that Russia may seek to invade. Germany has agreed to dispatch troops into the country for the war game, marking the first time that German soldiers have entered Polish territory since the Nazis used it as a route to invade the Soviet Union.

    On Monday, Loud & Clear’s Brian Becker sat down with security analysts Daniel McAdams and John Wight to discuss the latest round of provocations on Russia’s border, and whether NATO war hawks seek more violence.

    What is the purpose of the Anaconda-16 War Game?

    "Well this is a series of so many NATO exercises on Russia’s borders during the summer, you can call it the summer of provocation," said McAdams. "This is the largest of the military exercises, and is the largest movement of foreign forces within Poland since World War II, so that is very significant and it is all being sold to everyone else as a protection against Russian aggression."

    "In reality, it is NATO troops that are outside of Russia’s borders and it is absolutely a provocation, another step in trying to poke Russia in the eye," explained the security analyst.

    Is Poland important to the United States strategically?

    "Poland is massively important because of the historical enmity between the Poles and Russia along with the location," explained John Wight. "Daniel is absolutely right in calling this the summer of provocation, what we are witnessing is the recrudescence of the policy of containment that was devised after the Second World War."

    "Containment, however, is a bit of a misnomer because it isn’t a policy of containment, it is a policy of aggression designed to surround Russia politically, economically, and ultimately militarily, in order to keep Russia’s government paranoid and to apply pressure on Russia to cause it to implode internally," said Wight, explaining the existential threat that Moscow faces from US-led saber rattling.

    Is Russia a counter-hegemonic force against the United States?

    "I wouldn’t say that Russia set out to be counter-hegemonic, but certain events have taken place," suggested McAdams. "You know the famous Putin speech where he essentially said ‘We’ve had it, we’ve had enough, and we’ve taken it for a number of years,’ and this was right before Russia accepted Syria’s invitation to put down the jihadists."

    "I believe Russia has been pushed into this position, but if you talk about the early dates of the Obama administration, there was still this idea of resetting relations," said McAdams. "Instead, what happened in the Obama administration, and it happens in every administration, in which the neocons swoop in and take over foreign policy."

    "You have people like Victoria Nuland who served Dick Cheney prior to President Obama. What on earth were they thinking by allowing somebody like this to have control of power, somebody who is a member of the Kagan neocon crime family, as the wife to Robert Kagan. This is how the neocons do it and they swallowed the Obama administration like a cancer that keeps growing," stated the security analyst.

    "The neoconservatives now have control of Obama’s Russian policy and I think they are pushing us towards World War III," asserted McAdams.


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    • the Yanks will not give up until WW3 is upon us.
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      Really sad.
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      I always see the other side. And even I concur.

      But further check what also MERKEL said years ago. Before Maidan. Years before.
      She and E.U were ALARMED , seeing Russia getting into Baltic's. And saying things like. LOOK how they changed just by talking with Russia!!!
      This DEMONIZATION, NATO LIES inventing Russian invasions, JUST to use MEGAPHONES have many purposes.

      One is to show the world that NATO challenges Russia. You notice this attitude with BULLIES and GANG tough wanna be guys.
      Russia's arms procurement rose, like flower with yeast.
      Just by helping Syria. THIS IS POISON FOR NATO.

      31,000 troops? They MUST be thinking, we shouldn't even TRY to cross that border.NATO will need an excersice with 5 MILLION troops fully equipped with tanks, planes and what not to call Russia's attention.
      Then 5 Million more as reserves. And 5Million at border to contain Russia IF it manages to survive and strikes back.
      Troops RUNNING and leaving weapons and Vehicles may happen.And SCREAMING....RUN!!! THE RUSSIAN'S ARE COMING!!!!!
      Nothing new. Happened in WW1, WW2, Georgia conflict . Was happening in Afghanistan.
      BUT GORBACHEV a GENIUS STRATEGIST, promised west to remove the troops.
      Because, Mujaheedin, trained and armed and sponsored by Washington and NATO, was getting DECIMATED, west media went in full gear using propaganda saying Russia was killing civilians.
      Same tactic was been used recently in Syria.
      When ALLIES were getting into the European theater, the EUROPEAN NAZI COALITION, was RUNNING , and screaming , THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!! ..
      The whole set of convoys was waiting a few days until they cleared the bridges. THIS is written history.

      Therefore, Russia MUST just keep doing what is doing. Observe.
      And ridicule their lies.
      Like , Russia is going to invade Poland, but an attack to Poland is an attack at NATO.

      They , NATO just wanted to do PROPAGANDA.
      As Russia's NATO envoy, said, I don't know what they talking about..
      When asked by the press.
      I read it at TASS.

      But DO beef up security.. GREATLY.. Look for spies. And insertions.
      Yes prepare many regiments is GREAT.
      Not forgetting the idea of 9 tanks with all kind of support vehicles for each tank. In case they need to move, there NEVER be a tank alone.
      9 tanks should have 300 troops. New weapons like VERBA, is excellent to mount as AA. And say a Tiger could carry a lot. Yet other solutions are great to engage higher targets.
      Russia should study airborne.
      Make it good for mountains, air sea assaults. It be easy to make all air drop vehicles water droppable, with jets ..FAST jets. ...
      Also slow for stealthy operations. they be great to hunt terrorists. ANYWHERE.
      Mountain troops are great.
      Prepare a WW2 scenario somewhere, to go practice OFTEN. Better if all troops have basic on all ..Like mountain, beach , and port demolitions. Easier to use. So fast that wouldn't affect training times.
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      I would call it as the sub-humans confronting the humans on this planet. I would call them neanderthals if it wasn't an insult to neanderthals.
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      Poland asks to be divided again
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      USSA owns NATO, NATO is just their pet name for their killing machine.
    • Matrix 68
      Meanwhile in Russia's state of the art Defense Headquarter they're looking at how many plane-loads of equipment, where they came from, where they're being deployed, how much armor and missile units are there, what are the NATO armies, air forces and navies doing in the perimeters... what other non-disclosed operations are they forwarding, electronic emissions, radio, C3, SAR platforms , space ops.... they're looking at everything.... and placing their own counter ECM in position, placing a few armored/mechanized Guards divisions here and there, Mig-31 and Bear flying high , S-300/400, Bastion, Iskander, Kalibr at the ready. Just in case you get really froggy, Bulava at sea, Topol-M & Co ready, White Swans and Backfires on alert and get ready for the biggest EMP pulse to pull the plug on all of it by the flip of a switch. Go ahead with your war games punks! The Bear has your number.
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      Destroy North America for world peace. This continent thinks it is protected by the Pacific and Atlantic. It is not a lost to the world if North America is thrown I'm into the stone age as the whole continent is run by special interest group. If the Soviet Union was destroyed by the US, it should be quid pro quo. Conversely if the US captures the world it will be enslavement all the way. So it is better to destroy and be destroyed if this is unavoidable.
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      ktsconin reply toasco(Show commentHide comment)
      I don't think so. Poland has a death wish. It wants to become nuclear waste site.
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      I think that only an insane person, and only in a dream, can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack Ukraine...... but they did .....you can never trust a russians
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      remijus your nazi arm band just slipped irrespective of your lack of knowledge do you really think Russia after decades of propping up Ukraine often at the expense of its own nation was going to let US/NATO turn Ukraine into a War base to attack Russia? only a fascist could make such a stupid comment.
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      Anakonda was an extreme type of provocation launched deliberately on the day Nazi Europe invaded the Soviet Union.
      The greater part of this exercise is to bolster and hype national fervour in the States and thus significantly helping Hillary pull in votes. This was planned well in advance, in reality
      Russia has formed highly weaponised and mechanised units to fight in relatively small numbers but exert massive casualties.

      The current force in exercise would be met by about 8000 soldiers in 4-6 groups and would inflict 15000-20000 casualties within 72 hrs especially on its own soil with superior air cover.
      Incidentally NATO would also know this full well! the days of invading Russia are history!

      This does not take away the shameful act for rubbing dirt in the face of Russians who lost over 20 million in defeating Nazi Europe.

      Russian brass know that this force exercising only requires a tiny fraction of Russian forces to severely defeat them.
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      Talking of preskriptions - (www.rt.com/usa/345830-what-to-do-with-russia/) with the corrupted neocons Victoria Nuland there are quite some under cover activities and surely the prostitution is on a high and sofisticated level and absolutely this neo con war criminal has the right hand busy receiving the manuscript of war as well as giving further. The blue colour fits the NATO of USA.

      So absolutely the prostitution is on a high level...... and all these people gathered with this neo con prostitute - may be waiting for a promotion instead of guarding the constitution. These cowards know, yet they participate. And the current president of USA can set a state emergency all over the world, but not able to sack corrupted working force.

      Common, next fairy tale will be ......... BN of Israel is such a nice fellow and gets trillions from the American taxpayers to kill civilians in Palestine. "We are just pretending we aren't talking"
      Deeds talk, not words or pretended expressions of sadness. That is just for the movie making Hollywood of the WHDC.
      And not only is there a question of intimidating and demonizing the critics, in case they survive - then it's time to repeat until the mission is accomplished.
      If these people were sincere and working for peace they wouldn't.
      But as most of the citizens of the world know; these war criminals have inherited the Mafia methods of lawlessness and the only solution is to stay away from them as they are dangerous to humanity.
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      ptcjmin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, Neanderthals? I think it is too sophisticated.
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      ptcjmin reply toktscon(Show commentHide comment)
      ktscon, Polen might feel themselves so important of being slaves to Americans.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      ptcjm, how about amoebe? :)
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      In the face of all the sabre-rattling from the US and Nato forces near its borders, Russia should send a strong signal that it is prepared for WW3. And to make sure its nuclear arsenal is combat-ready, Russia should test a hydrogen bomb. That should scare the crap out of Poland and Romania.
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      ptcjmin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, agree, may be some kind of pre-stadium ?
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