06:41 GMT19 January 2021
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    A research and development association affiliated with Russia’s Ministry of the Interior has launched a bidding process for the development of a new light machinegun.

    The request for proposal for the development of this new weapon, codenamed Tokar-2, was published on the Russian government procurement official website. R&D costs totaled approximately $386,000.

    The new 5.45mm machinegun, designated Kord-5.45,  is to be specifically designed as a lightweight and compact weapon for special forces to use during close quarters fighting, like storming enemy-held buildings and urban warfare.

    The machinegun’s length (with folded stock and minus the flash suppressor) must not exceed 900mm with a long barrel and 750mm with a short barrel, and must weigh no more than 7 kilograms. The new weapon’s rate of fire is to be about 800-900 shots per minute, and it is to be fed both with ammo belts and 60-round ammo clips, as well as with ammo clips for AK-74 assault rifles and RPK-74 light machineguns.

    The first prototypes of the Kord-5.45 are expected to be produced by the end of 2016.


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