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    US Strategic Command Sees Growing Demand for Strategic Bomber Missions

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    STRATCOM Commander Adm. Cecil Haney said that the number of US strategic bomber missions requested by international partners or US combatant commanders has increased in recent years.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik), Leandra Bernstein — The number of US strategic bomber missions requested by international partners or US combatant commanders has increased in recent years, US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) Commander Adm. Cecil Haney told Sputnik.

    "From that standpoint, the demand has gone up," Haney said on Tuesday, referring specifically to Bomber Assurance and Deterrence (BAAD) missions, requested by combatant commanders for a variety of geographic areas, as well as exercises with US allies and partners.

    In recent days, STRATCOM announced three B-2 bombers had been sent to conduct missions in the Asia Pacific. The United States and South Korea are currently engaged in large-scale military drills, and regional tensions with North Korea have increased following multiple missile launches and a recent nuclear weapons test.

    Haney, who gauged the increase over his two tours at Strategic Command, further noted the higher rate of bomber missions "for other responses to crisis, in addition to the regular BAAD missions and pre-set drills with allies and partners."

    In February, US sent additional strategic bombers to Europe, where they are considered to be the most visible deterrent force.


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