10:01 GMT30 October 2020
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    Indonesia will not receive the first batch of Russian Su-35 multirole fighters earlier than in 2018 due to the overload of the aircraft's sole manufacturer with domestic and international orders, media reported Wednesday, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier in March, Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu announced Moscow and Jakarta would sign in April a contract for the delivery of 10 Russian Su-35 Flanker multirole fighter jets to replace Indonesia’s fleet of F-5 Tigers.

    The manufacturer had produced 14 Su-35, several Su-30МК2 aircraft for Vietnam and modernized Su-27 in 2015, the Russian Izvestia newspaper reported.

    "Today, a full transition of the enterprise to the production of modern Su-35 is on the agenda. However, this will not affect the queue. The plant is due to produce 50 aircraft for Russia's Aerospace Forces within five years, and 24 for China. Indonesians could expect to receive two jets in 2018 in a best-case scenario," the source told the newspaper.

    The Su-35S is a 4++ generation one-seater, an upgraded version of the Su-27 multirole fighter with features comparable to a 5-generation aircraft. It is characterized by supermaneuverability and is equipped with new avionics, a modern radar and advanced engines. It can accomplish incredible tricks without deceleration and can fly at a speed of 2400 kmph, outpacing all rivals in its class. The warplane is armed with 30mm guns, a huge number of missiles and rockets.

    Four Su-35s have been deployed to Syria amid Moscow's counterterrorism campaign.


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