21:12 GMT +325 February 2017
    US Navy amphibious assault vehicles with Philippine and US troops on board maneuver in the waters during a combined exercise in the South China Sea.

    Eliciting Trouble: US Navy Dispatched Several Ships to South China Sea

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    The US Navy dispatched several ships to the South China Sea, to the area which is territorially disputed between several states in the region.

    The Navy Times reported Thursday that the US sent the USS John C. Stennis, two destroyers, two cruisers and the 7th Fleet to the South China Sea.

    Earlier, it was reported that China had sent fighter jets to the Woody Island, which is one of the disputed Paracel Islands (Xisha) in the South China Sea.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying in response to media reports said that the deployment of the Chinese fighters to the disputed island is absolutely legitimate as the area falls under the sovereignty of China.

    The US is trying to prevent military activities in China in the South China Sea under the pretext of freedom of navigation.

    Last October, the Pentagon conducted its first FON in the South China Sea, sending the USS Lassen within the 12-mile territorial limit of Beijing’s artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago. The move elicited outrage from Chinese officials.

    The coast is the object of territorial disputes between several states in the region. Nearly a third of the world's marine cargo passes through the South China Sea and the offshore islands located there are rich in oil.

    Apart from China, the islands are claimed by members of ASEAN, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.


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      I wonder what the US would say if Chinese warships en mass sailed FON patrols through the territorial waters of Guan, Truck Atoll, Diego Garcia.... I would bet there would be a lot of whining - at the very least.
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      My military logic or strategic is that if you don't mean war, don't send fighter jets in. And in vise Versa, unless you are planning war, don't send in military ships. Acting tough but backing off is losing face to your oppornant and the world. All China has to watch out is that if a war broke out, the destructions are not likely just the front line ships and jets on all sides but base on histories of one side or sides, the destructions would include those skyscrapers and busling cities and town in Shang Hai, Guangdong, Beijing, etc. it is predicted that one side loses in military, properties, and badly, civilian lives would amount to 75%, while one side would suffure 25% or less in military and 0% on civil population. Take this prediction into account and one or both side must take to account a full brown war or no war at all cost is a must strategy.
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      The US Navy dispatched several ships to the South China Sea,
      It's clear they just want problems. NATO wants to own the world.
    • Matrix 68
      Neither side will back down from a real showdown in this case... too much is at stake for both. China can't back down from it's stated purpose of safeguarding the sea lanes and the USA must show its allies it's serious. Are they gonna push the Chinese out? No, too late for that. This is just a show of force by the USA to put a limit on just how much China can take. This way they will both have "won", both saved face and nobody gets killed. At the end of the day the USA must accept it's NOT the regional power in Asia anymore or risk part of its fleet sent to the bottom by a very capable Chinese navy.
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      I was going to comment but I can't spell Tonkin. lol
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      The one Who knowsin reply topeaceactivist2(Show commentHide comment)
      peaceactivist2, This is what really is cooking up - forget US vs RU conflict – the real threat for US is rising dragon - and soon they will join themselves with Russia to fight new contender. With oil so low - China is outpacing US in terms of growth and as you may know the first ring of islands around China is officially indefensible now. It wont take long until China will push their influence further (and I'm not talking Taiwan but waaay further)

      I found some new take on those geopolitical conflicts of superpowers here ( independenttrader.org and especially this one independenttrader.org/us-vs-china-the-escalation-of-the-conflict.html
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      Lol. As if China will back down from Americas demands. America is slow to learn that it blew it's chance as a world leader and that it has no authority in the South China Sea. Embarrass yourself America.
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      This is the way bullies work. They prod and poke and try to instigate a response so they can blame it on the victim. The world is FINALLY waking up to their dirty tricks and ignoring the sabre rattling. The U.S. doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of coming out on top. They're in several different parts of the world trying to provoke different countries into a confrontation. The clowns would be funny if it weren't so serious. China wouldn't have lasted as a country for millennia if they fell for every jerk-off that tried this stuff. They have patience and a long term plan and they'll just wait it out until the psychopaths in Washington fall by the wayside.
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      in reply topeaceactivist2(Show commentHide comment)
      peaceactivist2, If you think the US mainland would not be ravaged, you are very wrong. This is the kind of dangerous thinking that I fear could lead to disastrous decisions in Washington.

      First there is the economic consequences of such a confrontation. China makes almost all the consumer goods sold in the US. It would take years to replace this capacity. Further, most western high tech electronics depends on Chinese rare earths (China has the lion's share of these important elements).

      China's submarine fleet is larger than that of the US. I have no doubt that at least the US west coast would be ravaged by cruise missiles. Hawaii would be rubble. I would not rule out asymmetric guerrilla actions targeting US infrastructure as well. There are millions of Asian people living in the US; will the US lock all of them up in camps like they did to the Japanese during wwII? Otherwise Chinese SA will have free run of the country.

      Both countries are nuclear powers. I don't even want to hypothesize where such a confrontation could go.

      Times have changed, no longer is there a guaranteed winner in a major war - more likely there are only guaranteed mutual loosers.
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      michaelin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Erik, or they might start crying (again)..
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      michaelin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      cezum, but imagine if in ALL areas where they are meddling that they were to be attacked, up to and including us territory....they wouldn't know which way to turn. Reach for the nuclear option certainly but then what would they call down upon themselves???
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      michaelin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Erik, agreed about guaranteed mutual losers.
    • Ingimundar
      Let them cruise. They'll either go away or fire the first shot. If the latter, wait a week to let the world see who did what to who. If after that, they want to engage, remember what Chairman Mao sneered in 1956, " U.S. IMPERIALISM IS A PAPER TIGER". Light the match.
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