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    A ground-based missile interceptor is lowered into its missile silo

    Why Pentagon's Costly Missile Defense System 'Will Never Be Able to Work'

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    The Pentagon's $40 billion missile defense system, designed to shield the US from incoming ballistic missiles attacks, could not be made workable, Theodore Postol, professor emeritus of Science, Technology and National Security at MIT told RT.

    The system, which is a major component of Washington's national missile defense strategy, is formally known as the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD). It is supposed to intercept even nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles.

    However, a report, released by the Government Accountability Office last week, showed that the technology at the heart of the GMD has limited capabilities. Postol is less optimistic. "I think basic physics would tell you that this system not only doesn't work, but it will never be able to work," he insisted.

    "This has nothing to do with engineering technology, it has to do with the basic physics that the system tries to exploit in order to tell the difference between decoys and warheads. This is a fundamental problem with the system," he explained.

    In addition, the United States "ruined" its relations with Russia while pouring billions of dollars into the GMD, Postol added.

    "The mindless pursuit of the system has caused the break with Russia and has created high levels of tension when none of this should have happened," Postol noted. "This is an indication of a massive failure in US political leadership with regard to doing sound things for not only the defense of the US, but also for global stability."

    By continuing the program, the US, according to the expert, also risks ruining relations with China.


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      This system. F35. New ship that had to be towed back to port. Does any of the new weapons the US produces actually work?
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      coolerheadsin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      Every weapons system the U.S. has ever produced as had lots of bugs that had to be worked out in the early days. Eventually, the bugs get worked out, and the systems perform as designed. Just ask Saddam Hussein about the effectiveness of U.S. hardware in 1990 or in 2003. His military was routed in a matter of days both times by cutting edge weaponry that he had no answer for. Both times, it was cutting edge weaponry that had a tumultuous development phase, but eventually matured very well. Ten years from now, people will be talking about how cutting edge the F-35 is, the same way they were talking about how cutting edge the F-18E was back in 2003.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)

      Saddam's military was routed primarily due to the vast air power of the US . The US defeat of the Iraqi army was not a fight between equals, bit akin to a fight between a WW2 army and the modern army of the US superpower that spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined.

      Without total air superiority the US always has been rather feeble. Rather like the 'fat kid' in school who bullies those who are years younger on the playground and then says how tough he is to his sycophantic pals.
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      jasin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, The so-called Highway of Death attack by the US was a war crime as far as I know. That did a lot fo break the Iraqi military. Attacked RETREATING...
      "attacked retreating Iraqi military personnel attempting to leave Kuwait on the night of February 26–27, 1991, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of vehicles and the deaths of many of their occupants."
      -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_of_Death
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