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    Russian Air Force Su-24 bombers fly during a military exercise in southern Russia on February 11, 2015

    Moving Forward: ‘Russia Has Surpassed US Military’ on Several Fronts

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    Russia has made a solid comeback in the global arena and is feeling more confident. It is once again a force equal to the West in terms of political influence and military power.

    Russia has managed to modernize its army and improve weapons so much that in some capacities it has already overtaken the United States, HuffingtonPost.de wrote.

    Although the US' ratings show that Russia is second after the United States and at the moment its defense budget is less, there is one important factor which is not considered in these ratings and that is the prospects of the development of the military industry.

    While Moscow is showing extremely high growth rates, the US military has to ‘squeeze’ itself because US President Barack Obama has made it clear that the days of rapid weapons development in the country are a thing of the past, the author noted.

    In terms of quantitative indicators, Moscow has already surpassed Washington. According to the "Arms Control" independent American organization, Russia has about 7,700 nuclear warheads, while the United States is lagging behind, having 7,100 units in possession.

    Furthermore, according to the estimates of the portal Global Firepower, Russia has almost twice as many tanks as the US — 15,398 against 8848.

    As far as the quality of military is concerned, many experts agree that Russia is currently the most modern weapons developer. The times of the first Gulf War when the US smart bombs and stealth fighters could awe and impress are in the distant past now, noted The Huffington Post.

    “The military-technological superiority of the West is in decline,” a statement released by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London said.
    In terms of drones, cruise missiles or cyberwar fare — Russia is one step ahead of the United States, noted the publication.


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      In the GOLF they were impressing, against a JUNK, refurbished by France. With only some optics, and planes that were mostly in shambles, and maintained with scavenged parts from buried planes in the desert... GREAT SPECTACLE.. Still US and U.K lost many tanks, and what not.
      Wise leaders make wise choices.

      That is what Putin has done.

      And it should be kept in mind that the U.S. spends roughly ten times asmuch as Russia each year on its military.

      The U.S. has fallen into the classic waste of those having more resources than they know what to do with.
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      This really comes as no surprise. The US have spread themselves too thin and have taken part in so many wars. Moreover they are in economic decline without the gold reserves of nations like Russia and China.
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      It's not how much you have it's how you use what you've got on the battlefield.
    • Beady-eyed Insomniac
      The significant clean-out of top brass in the US military by Obama will take many years to recover from.
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      US lagging Russia in military tech is laughable. I am sure there are areas Russians are one step ahead of US but overall, US is number one for the foreseeable future.

      Articles like one in the huffington post are regular items that are pumped by weapons manufacturers and US military. Those are for domestic consumption to ensure that they can make the US government spend even more money on war technologies.
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      elsa.zardiniin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)

      Right. Just by looking at the Syrian Army, the Kurds, the Yemeni, thousands of pictures in Fars News, and they are winning.

      As for the Russians, nobody can or will beat them in technology because Russians are as bright as one can get; that is and has always been a fact, there must be something in their genes which the rest of us do not have!
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      michaelin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa, yes, I see it everyday in my wife! :)
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      elsa.zardiniin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
    • Matrix 68
      I agree with this, and I'm not just talking crap here. With 20 years of military experience as an Air Force civil engineer I've seen the best and newest we've fielded fail in the mission it was intended to support. Russia has definitely caught up in the R&D and fielding of high-tech weapons by using a slightly different approach to arming her military; keeping it simple and yet effective. This has traditionally been a strength of Russian weapons design since Soviet times. We are seeing the result of that evolution in Syria and the Black Sea/Ukraine. It's the combination of high-tech, quality, robustness and simplicity that the Russian weapons cadre have now re-mastered and the USA has clearly forgotten in producing ever complicated (over-developed) systems that work well on paper and simulations, but not well in the real world of actual SERIOUS combat against a well matched opponent. If the USA wants to maintain its level they must simplify their weaponry so that it works! F-22 and even more so F-35 are perfect examples of this over-engineering. Why? Because the American MIC has become fat, lazy and corrupt. The $$, not innovation or patriotism, has become the prime impetus for development.
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      michaelin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.thanks for the link, I did see it too, this morning and made a small comment - as is my wont...:)
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      michaelin reply toMatrix 68(Show commentHide comment)
      Matrix 68, nice summary.:)
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      60 billion dollars a year spent by Russia who has more than 70% of their equipment outdated and obsolete..and a conscipt army for the most part compared to the worlds greatest professional military with 680 billion in annual military spending and state of the art military forces GLOBALLY..PLEASE..keep drinking the cool aid! I will say one thing..this site is totally far fetched and entertaining! I love it!
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