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    Military exercise involving S-300 surface-to-air missile systems

    Russia to Deliver S-300 Air Defense Systems to Iran Soon

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    Russia will soon send S-300 air defense systems to Iran while the countries have not held any negotiations on the possibility of delivering S-400 systems.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia will soon deliver S-300 air defense systems to Iran, Russian Special Presidential Envoy on Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said.

    “Deliveries will be made soon,” Kabulov told RIA Novosti in an interview.

    Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan earlier said that the first shipment of Russian S-300s would be made in the first quarter of 2016.

    Tehran has shown interest in the deliveries of Russian S-400 air defense systems but the two countries are not currently holding any negotiations on the topic, Kabulov said.

    “No, there are no talks being held on the S-400. The Iranians have noted that they would principally be happy [to receive them], but there haven’t been any negotiations,” Kabulov told RIA Novosti.

    A number of news outlets earlier cited Hossein Dehghan as saying that Tehran could purchase the S-400s from Moscow if necessary and that the issue was apparently being discussed.

    In 2007, Moscow and Tehran signed an $800-million deal for the delivery of five S-300 missile systems to Iran. In 2010, Russia suspended the contract, citing a UN Security Council resolution that placed an arms embargo on Tehran until it proved the peaceful nature of its nuclear project. Tehran filed a lawsuit against Moscow over the incident.

    In April, Moscow repealed the S-300 delivery ban, after Iran and six global powers, including Russia, reached a framework nuclear agreement to remove the anti-Tehran sanctions in exchange for guarantees of the peaceful nature of its nuclear activities.

    In mid-January, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced the conclusion of its investigation into Iran’s nuclear program, having found no indications of military-related nuclear developments in the country.


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      Well at least Russia is improving the delays in delivering things. It delayed eleven years to deliver the Bushehr nuclear plant to Iran. Now if s-300 are delivered around March, they have cut the delay by half, around six years.
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      Just about all Iranians are aware of Russia's backstabbing its friends only when the price is right.

      The problem with Russia, and its weak leaders like Medvedev, and its misguided leaders, like Putin, is that they don't think about the long term consequences of their backstabbing friends like Iran.

      Even Belarus is not spared from Russia's disloyalty.

      How many years Russia dangled completion of Bushehr nuclear facility in front of Iran, as a favor to Israel and the US?

      Long enough for all Iranians to be sick and tired of hearing about Russia's promises.

      The S-300 is the same. We are tired of hearing about it. S-300 is old news and old technology.

      Only the Dahati Iranian officials whom are given high government positions by their Dahati relatives, Nepotism, are dumb enough, and uninformed enough, to want S-300 or SU-30 for that matter.

      A true friend (one that did not vote to sanction Iran many times) wouldn't offer Iran S-300 (SA-10) or SU-30, they are old and many smaller countries have them.

      Today Russia and Iran should have already finished delivery of SU-35BM and S-400 (SA-21) or at least S-300PMU. Not keep talking about the delivery of obsolete systems or technology, because most of us Iranians are tired of promises.
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      cast235in reply toIranianExpat1916(Show commentHide comment)
      IranianExpat1916, Iran was under sanctions on U.N . And yet some fell for sanctions on assumptions. The whole UNSC, fell for sanctions on tan assumption, documents that begin with "PROBABLY".
      Today the world saw that Iran sanctions were the product of AIPAC work and NOT real evidence.Except for Netanyahoo's exceptional cardboard cheap clock, that had a bomb 90% ready. And NOT a single evidence is out. Many Iranian scientists died.
      About the S 400. Russia CANNOT export that complex just like that. It's not just missiles , like shown on graphs, it's a giant complex, that will expand many kilometers away from any missile. So depending on Iran's paid configuration, the S300 will serve well. The S400 may cover Iraq, is that powerful. NO ONE should get S400 until Russia have S 500 or S600.
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      Iran should concentrate on adding stuff within the S300 complex. S350E in export form is great. And will help defend while S 300 loaded or at good distance from batteries. Iran should get NAVAL defense and land with the S300.
      Iran could ask Russia to refurbish or sell a few new subs, patrol boats and ships.
      Iran could produce tanks with Russia. Russia can sell chassis that is modular. Then Iran can work in which modules to apply.
      Software may tend to overlap , to some degree any national security of any country. Iran subs are not near what Russian are.
      And why not join CSTO? It could add Russian base inside Iran, IF Russia could be convinced. Russia needs bases abroad. Not 800. But some and BIG one's.

      According to Obama, Putin was the one that promised to stop the S 300 sales to Iran as bargain chip to get her to negotiations table. And when she responded, S 300 restrictions was lifted. But an attack on Iran, may had Russia's response.
      Russia was weakened by west propaganda. Decades of cooking books since first grade.
      Same is happening in Ukraine, kids read lies and propaganda. Baltic's, Poland. They were giving bad sausage and cheap vodka to teachers to allow it.

      Russia MUST review all books read by kids and counter all propaganda, with truth. Iran was victim of such. When the UNSC, failed to act on evidence.
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      slimyfoxin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, I do not know if you are aware of the terms and conditions for imposition of UN sanctioned sanctions against Iran. Let me tell you that according to the UN resolution all offensive weapons were banned, however there was no mentioning that defence weapons were sanctioned and actually some western countries which are producing munition and small arms were exporting their products and not just light personal weapons but light artillery peaces, anti-tank rockets, munitions and so on. UK, Swiss, Sweden, Germany were exporting military material to Iran.

      In one interview Obama said that he was amazed that Russia on own initiative canceled contract for deliveries of S-300 to Iran. He said that they were pleasantly surprised over Russian decision, and he emphasised that there was no USA request about that and that he was amused when Medvedev told him about that and asked him if that is OK. TOTAL stupid servility on a part of Russian government.

      Russia needs very hard smack on nose to start to behave as sovereign state which knows what it wants. Right now Russia is only hoping to be able to call USA partners and friends and maybe even bends forward little bit just for a good feeling.

      I am madly angry on Russian media and public not to demand from Putin decisiveness and posture. USA are breaching every possible law just to show who is the biggest bully - BOSS in a room. Russia is threading so carefully as that is scared of own shadow. I believe that Military still holds high grounds and about government I am not so sure.

      Every time when I am reading what Medvedev and Putin are telling about sanctions is driving me absolutely mad. There would be no need for Russia suffering sanctions if they did not wanted to. All that they would need is to HURT EU by simply banning imports and sale of all cars, trucks, vans, busses and special vehicles of EU. USA and Japan Brand. However Russia is run by oligarchs and they dictate what to do and what not. Ban on imports and sale of these vehicles would hurt importers and that means oligarchs. They are now earning over 5 billion annually just from imports from EU, USA and Japan. They are preventing anyone to stop that flow of money to their pockets.

      Where are Russian independent media to do the job. I was hoping that Russia will change attitude when last year they declared that they are lifting self imposed ban and asked Iran to withdraw court suit. Just remember how Putin behaved as lost sheep with Hollande. Instead slamming France with court case demanding up to 7 billion as it was agreed he was prepared even to lose some money. Next just see how much meekness Putin shows with Ukraine. They are spitting on him and Russia, threatening and demanding. Try to do that to USA and you will see the response. Russia bends down and makes concessions. In my opinion religious Putin is too much influenced by that priest stupidly looking who is always next to Putin and even travels in a state airplane. I believe he is making Putin soft and jelly because he was offered place in heaven and rubbish like that.

      Russia needs new leadership, and they have enough very intelligent people not as Medvedev and lately Putin. They need people who will understand situation and have Russian national interest first not a Russian church as prime duty.

      Putin, it is time to go before you become burden to your country. If you love it as you claim than pack your staff and leave it in competent hands. West is scared to have in so modernised and advanced military a new supreme commander who would slam on the table and DEMAND not a beg RESPECT. In this world you will get only what you demand loud and clear, no begging and prayers will help you.
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      vendorin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, even though I do not agree with you on many issues this;

      Russia needs new leadership, and they have enough very intelligent people not as Medvedev and lately Putin. They need people who will understand situation and have Russian national interest first not a Russian church as prime duty.

      You deserve CLAP CLAP CLAP!
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      slimyfoxin reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, The whole idea of politics is to create atmosphere of disagreement as if we all agree than something is terribly wrong. I remember when I was in University early 70 we were joking about NATO and Warsaw as there was no difference in certain areas because in NATO everyone had to agree and to think as USA did, and in Warsaw Pact was the same, whatever USSR said all other had to follow obediently. We used to say that people have their own ideas but not necessarily agree with them if they are not in line with higher authority.

      So no worries about that if you do not agree with me on certain issues. I am old former professor of International law on Faculty for International Political Relations and still am missing long bothering and torturous speeches my students were forced to listen and forget next minute they left classroom.

      Therefore your disagreements are more than welcome as they are food for taught and that is very good to keep brain busy. Have a nice day and looking forward to your disagreements.
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      vendorin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, Well said my friend, well said. I thought you may be a codger as your comments are not as frequent but are well thought and well written. Now a question for you. If Putin were to leave now who would be a suitable candidate that would do the job correctly and in accordance to your liking?
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      slimyfoxin reply toIranianExpat1916(Show commentHide comment)
      IranianExpat1916, I absolutely agree with you in that matter. Same question was bothering me for a long as I understand a bit of International law and was simply surprised how obedient and servile are Medvedev and Putin. I simply hate when I see how desperate they seams to be to gain a little bit of love and sympathies from west. I am German and I do know for a fact that No politician, no journalist in MSM, no military is having any good taught let alone sympathy or love for Russia. They are genetically obsessed with hate and I think it is a high time for Russia to chose new leaders. Unfortunately they are not much different than our German public, our people love Merkel regardless and Russian people love Putin regardless.

      Russia needs to find a new politicians who will promise and to keep it to clean Augean stables (Kremlin) and make complete reset in Russia. They will have to get all oligarchs under the seriously thorough and unbiased investigation about origin of their wealth and if one iota does not match all should be ceased as there is simply impossible that anyone of them had earned first 50 millions clean and legally.

      New government needs to clear situation about oligarchs as they are fifth column in Russian society and by the way if they committed crime during their enrichment process they should be punished because once committed crime it always stays crime.

      Russia needs new politicians who will be able to identifies Russian National Interest and to make it as priority in dealings and actions. They should not play dirty and murky political games of giving rights to everyone just to look smart. Russia needs to be inside-out respectable country and to firmly stand the ground. They cannot strive to become NATO lovers as it will end up that they will become NATO prostitute, they need to DEMAND from NATO to respect them in full and that is all. You might completely disagree with someone but if you respect him you will not be his enemy or want to destroy him.

      Russia should chose who are friends and who are foe, once knowing that it might try to reason with foe but never on expense of friend. That would amount to dirty and unclean politics, and I am afraid I see too many signs that Russian leaders are going into that direction. That is very dangerous game as playing with Israel who is traditional USA allay and it has absolutely dominant Jewish community in USA, and traying to wedge some rift between them will fire back on Russia.

      USA and Israel might disagree right now but when new administration come they might start to go in bed again. In such case Russia will be the biggest loser. Going in bed with Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Israel is very very dangerous game. That will not turn to be anything good no group sex there, but huge fight as any of them will fight the other for Russia eye, that is exactly what USA has been doing for the last 70 years. Keeping all nations on a same level of relationship means having no one close, no one to really trust. Putin is in a hearth pro-western only very unfortunate fact is that west does not like him as he did not follow Yeltsin's path of demolishing Russia and offering it on a silver platter to USA.

      Totally agree with you on your assessment.
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      slimyfoxin reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, My dear friend, that is what some would call 1 million US$ question and I have to be very honest with you that I haven't got a clue, as I am not an expert in Russian politics, my expertise lies more westward and I try to apply common sense interwoven with years of experience and some degree of impartiality to my assessments. However I do not know Russian politicians apart of couple of them that were mentioned in either RT, Sputnik, RBTH, and few other media publications.

      The most difficult part is to nominate someone as the life is full of surprises and it will be necessary to select few competitors who would fulfil selected criteria and then carefully analyse their past and present work and above all their private conversations and behaviour as there people tend to be more relaxed and easy to be caught off the guard with their real self. The real self is usually hidden in small details as we have attitude to set our main goal, decide about the general path and then with small details we can deviate our path. That means if I believe that only being Liberal will bring me to the power because there are all pretty stupid and there will be place for me to excel or to outshine others then I will declare myself as Liberal. However I do not need to be real Liberal but more to the right or left and in one opportune moment I will turn my politics towards the territory I am more comfort with. Remember Tony Blair former leader of UK Labour party and later Prime Minister. Labour party was always left leaning party, but Tony Blair was right wing conservative. When he become Prime Minister in couple of years he completely changed party making it right wing. Voters of course realised that and abandoned party all together. Today Labour party is marginal and unimportant.

      That is nice example how difficult is to select right person. Tony Blair was giving many small signals before he become party leader, that his personal orientation was right wing and not left as it was party statute declaring.

      Now in Russia is as everywhere in the world quite strong struggle for a power because being powerful is fantastic and gives you feeling that you are high on drugs all the time, it is captivating and has numerous benefits.

      Knowing that you will understand that every politician would give left leg to become powerful as PM or President. That ambition will lead people to do all they can imagine to grasp power and they know later they will steer that boat back to their comfortable waters as Tony Blair did or Yeltsin for that matter.

      In USA is absolutely the same only that there politics is marred with corporate money and the situation is totally screwed up. Look no further than Obama and all will become clear. First Negro president and everyone hoped that he will be the best ever because his background, but unfortunately it turned out that he is the worst president ever, even worst than GW Bush.

      So my friend not to molest you further with my taught, let me tell you that we have to hope that Russian people will know who they really want, and that is what I doubt the most. People usually judge fruit by the outside appearance not by the inner content and disappointment is more likely outcome. Hope people are educated and smart enough not to be so naive as if they miss all of us might pay seriously high price for that.

      I am sorry for not being more helpful, but I hope that I explained yopu complexity of this subject. Have a very nice day.
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      vendorin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, well thank you for the extensive reply, I was rather delayed in my reply to you with my numerous commitments today. Anyway, I was under impression after your suggestion that Medvedev and Putin should be making a way for some young blood that you would also have someone in mind.

      I too, just as you, am not immersed into the Russian politics while from this "balcony" and through my 'monocle' I fail to see, on the surface any decent and promising, talented and vigorous replacement. I think you are right when you say that Putin is pro-western orientated but will never be acknowledged by them as an equal. Perhaps it is not the right word to use but I fail to find a more appropriate one at this stage. I see him in his quest to be accepted and respected as one of the knights at Arthur's round table almost in the same position as the current No.1 Djokovic who is an excellent player and a champion but not accepted and "loved" by the western crowd no matter how many wins he scores. While on the other "eastern" side he is dearly admired and elevated to dizzy heights, just like Putin is in his profession. So, instead of trying to be loved by the West I think what he is doing in Syria could contribute to the improvement of his ratings as a leader in the West especially if this war is wrapped up successfully.

      Even though I disagree with any form of autocratic leadership some nations are tuned just for that and I think the Russian nation has been calibrated to that kind of leadership, and perhaps it would be wrong to try to re-calibrate them to another form which could cause extensive damage just like it is happening now across the ME. Bring him to the USA he would not fit well. Bring Obama to Russia the Russians would piss all over him daily. Obama as the Russian president (disregard his well done tan and the origin - take him only as a politician) would not last a week.

      So, I think who ever comes next after Putin retires will be pretty much similar to what the Russians are used to, and that is an iron fist and a strong man, which may in the end be a good thing for them as we perhaps should look through their monocle and from their balcony.
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      slimyfoxin reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, It was my utter pleasure to read your letter, so well pointed out the problems Russian politics might face at the time when current president will have to leave office. We have to bear in mind that it might be that our perception of Putin as great president was somehow exaggerated taking in account that he succeeded absolutely disastrous predecessor, who could not be better for USA even if they would look for him with a search light. As Richard Holbrook stated in his memoires that USA did biggest ever mistake by ridiculing Yeltsin and making a clown out of him as this man was their dream asset and they just wasted it. He said Yeltsin was destroying Russia faster than their army would ever do.

      So from that kind of status in which was Russia when Putin succeeded Yeltsin it was quite impossible to get lower. So Putin very well played his role as by befriending Bush and Berlusconi he gained needed time and less attention to what he was doing and under the radar started to rebuild military might. He understood that situation might change and they will need muscles to manage the situation. However he is sincerely pro-western and as you very good explained he was never accepted.

      During my grow up and education I was submitted to heavy anti-Russia propaganda and I believed that all evil is coming from Russia and all best from USA. I remember my father warning me that I cannot take the things for their face value as they appear but I have to understand what is under the surface. That I learned later during my education not just through relevant subjects but through interaction with people and realised how truthful is that. However too many people lack that kind of understanding and are taking things as they appear on a first glance.

      Knowing that imagine Russian population comparing times before Putin and now with Putin, they are simply blinded and lured in false dreams. That is the moment when the worst people such as Hitler, Stalin, Obama start to get undeserved shine and admiration. People simply reject any possibility that they can do anything wrong and they do. People simply live in dizzy world of past and present shadows not realising that neither is true. That present serious challenge for anyone new who come onto their place. People are still under the influence of very basic comparison. If they had 10 before and 100 after it appears to be enormous increase and it is as it is 10 fold, but that does not tell you anything about the quality. If we assume that average or normality would be 300 you still underscore but as people make basic comparison on a face value not on a substance they would expect from an newcomer same 10 fold increase which is absolutely impossible and according to this perception newcomer would be judged bad even thou he might in real terms overly exceed his predecessor.

      So the problem for a newcomer will be how to open up public eyes and make them see the reality. That is mission impossible and that is reason why all really smart people skip next round and wait for some greedy and power hungry person screws all up and thus forces population to see the reality and then smart one will try to come out and make impact.

      It is absolutely ungrateful to take job after someone who has been idealised despite his mistakes. Public simply did not see them as they were dizzied by 10 fold increase. That is Erdogan's magic winning recipe as he is telling to the rural people in Turkey which are his winning ticket that only thanks to him their income increased 5times and that is truth, however he does not mention that this increase is just 100 EUR worth which is still way below the level of poverty in Turkey. People are very simple and as such they simplify their lives reducing them to basic survival level.

      So back to Russia, in my opinion whoever comes will burn the fingers unless he draws some really dramatic moves which current government did not do because various reasons. Russia will have to chose daring, very brave, decisive and fearless person who will hate corruption, oligarchs and love country beyond anything. That kind of person would in any circumstances have easy job as Putin's legacy is pretty one sided and shallow. Russia still reminds on Augean stables and need two rivers or one exceptional politician to clean it up.

      Sorry now I have to go as my grandchildren want their daily dose of book reading and it is pretty hard job. Wishing you all the best.
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